4.5 Star and 3 Star Review for The Copper Egg by Catherine Friend #FF #Mystery

CoverTitle: The Copper Egg
Author Name & Publisher: Catherine Friend (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: May 17, 2016 – 288 pgs


The ancient Chimú believed their people came from three eggs: the rulers from a gold egg, their wives from a silver, and the workers from a copper egg.

Archeologist Claire Adams receives a mysterious package that lures her to Peru in search of a treasure-filled tomb. She must find the tomb before looters do. She’s helped in her quest by old friends and by a strange connection to an ancient copper egg. Claire’s ex, Sochi Castillo, has her own plans for the tomb. She has two jobs—one within the law , one considerably outside it. If Claire finds the treasure first, Sochi is going to steal it. As Claire and Sochi are drawn into a web of intrigue, betrayal, and greed, they discover that love complicates everything.

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This book was a thrill ride, almost Indiana Jones style. How are we supposed to believe archaeology is a lot of boring digging and messy field work, when authors like Friend take us on eventful journeys like this? Claire Adams left Peru in disgrace, nicknamed The Tomb Whisperer because she heard voices of the dead that led her to discovering tombs. She blamed the press’s discovery of her ability on her ex, Sochi Castillo. Theirs was not an amiable break up. Now, three years later, Claire receives a package containing ancient Chimù artifacts, and an invitation to find a legendary tomb. Unable to resist the allure, Claire heads back to Peru. She quickly finds out that quite a few people already know about her mission, and everybody wants a piece of the action. She meets up with looters, drug kingpins, ministry agents, friends, and one ex-lover, and along the way starts to find out that the treasure she came back looking for may not be a mythical tomb at all. When people she cares about are threatened or hurt because of her, it opens up a can of worms that point to betrayals and miscommunications that may be the reason behind her loss of job and relationship. Now Claire has to figure out not only what’s going on now, but what happened three years ago, and even farther back, when she begins to have visions of a young girl who may just know where the tomb is located. The question is, can she figure everything out before she loses her life, or the life of the only woman she’s ever loved? This was a fun read; I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who like a little suspense and action with their romance.

Amy P.


After reading the synopsis I was really excited and looking forward to devouring this book. Unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed. The way the novel went from Claire to Sochi I found really frustrating. It made, for me, it impossible to get into the story line. I was also frustrated that the two women didn’t even come into contact with each other until I was at least a third  of the way through.
The story did pick up once the two women were in contact. I also appreciated the obvious research the author had done regarding the looting of stolen antiquities. The ending was satisfying and positive. I also enjoyed the theme of smelling a dogs foot that ran throughout the whole novel, this did make me smile.
On the whole it was a book that was pleasant enough to read but had the potential to be amazing.


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Catherine Friend had what she calls a “boring” childhood, but she says that boring was just fine — because it gave her more time to read. She read so much her parents had to set a “no-reading-at-the dinner-table” rule. She was slightly shy as a child, but enjoyed playing Beauty Parlor with her sister, taking family trips, and watching STAR TREK and TIME TUNNEL.

She studied Economics, but because of her love for books and stories, she eventually found herself drawn to writing. Since then, the author has written six children’s books, including THE PERFECT NEST, a hilarious read-aloud illustrated by John Manders; and two books in Candlewick’s Brand New Readers series. She is also the author of the acclaimed adult memoir, HIT BY A FARM: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BARN. When it comes to her writing, Catherine Friend likes to try new things and seek new challenges — but she always likes to write stories that make her laugh.

Catherine Friend lives on a small farm in southeastern Minnesota — which inspired both THE PERFECT NEST and HIT BY A FARM. There, she raises sheep, goats, and llamas, and has an energetic border collie named Robin.

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