4.5 and 4 Stars for Hidden Shifter (Fated Date Agency #7) by Abraham Steele #MM #Paranormal


Title: Hidden Shifter (Fated Date Agency #7)
Author Name: Abraham Steele
Publication Date & Length: October 28, 2015 – 249 pgs


Samuel Hillwell is in mourning for a man he’s never met. The handsome alpha waited too long to contact the Fated Date Agency. There was always a stock trade or a trip to Europe that seemed more important. His mate passed away just days before he reached out. As he goes into a downward spiral, questioning everything he’s based his life on, he can only wish he’d had one night with his deceased omega.

Caden Grey is on the run. After surgically altering his face and travelling across the country, the former kindergarten teacher still can’t stop looking over his shoulder for the people who want him dead. Now that he’s arrived in Clover Grove, he should finally be able to take a breath. But he’s just starting to get settled there when a dazzling man runs up to him. A man who knows Caden’s previous name.

Will Samuel figure out the truth about the tormented omega? And if he gets into Caden’s heart, will either of them be safe?

Hidden Shifter is Book 7 of the Fated Date Agency series. It also stands alone as a complete 200-page gay shifter romance novel with steamy content and male pregnancy.

Guaranteed HEA ending with no cheating and no cliffhangers!

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I really liked this story.  Despite not reading all of the previous books, I did not feel lost or wonder who everyone was.

Caden is running for his life.  He is trying to figure out how to survive.  I liked his character’s strength and really enjoyed how he was able to, despite his fears, allow Samuel to barrel in to his life.

Then you have Samuel.  He is so upset when he learns of his fated mates’ death.  I was sad for him.  Steele did a good job at conveying the depth of Samuel’s sadness.  Then, when he meets Caden, despite still mourning for his mate, there is something about Caden that Samuel just can’t get past.

They have scorching chemistry, have bumps in the road and eventually come full circle.



This book is a MPEG and I know some like reading MPEG and some do not so I wanted to put a warning in this review. For me I don’t mind it and I liked how it was handled by the author in this book.

Samuel is in mourning after he finds out his mate has just died before he got the chance to meet him. Caden is in hiding in fear for his life so he must change everything about himself and start over or he is afraid he will be killed if he does not.

I thought this story between these two men was very sweet! You get action with this book along with steam between these two men also.

I really liked the way this author wrote this story and these characters!



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