4.5 and 3 Stars for Walk Me Down the Middle by Nicole Dennis – #MM #Romance


Title: Walk Me Down The Middle
Author Name: Nicole Dennis
Publication Date & Length: November 28, 2014 – 60 pgs


Growing up in small town Montana, two cowboys defy the odds to find music and love.

Sage Wallstatt loves music, horses, and his family. He dreams of playing the guitar with a country-rock band. Meeting his best friend at age seven, they became inseparable. Sage’s feelings change when he never looks at girls, only Kaden. One magical night alters their paths. Two years later, as Sage scrambles to pull his life together, he has to decide to follow his dreams or stay on the ranch. Should he defy all to walk hand-in-hand with his chosen partner?

Kaden Carmody grew up with the best and the worst until he meets his best friend, Sage on a school playground. He finds solace with Sage and their cave hideout. One night changes everything until reality yanks them apart. Breaking free, Kaden returns to figure out the truth of his feelings for Sage, defy his father, and understand the gay man hiding inside.

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The author captured a very nice love story with a lot of drastic turns.  After many horrifying events in his life I liked how Kaden came back and took charge of his future. He suffered through a hard childhood but yet came back swinging.  The best part of the book I thought was when Kaden and Sage went as a couple to the fair and Kadens dad started choking him and got arrested. It was well deserved.

For all the problems Sage had growing up I felt he turned into a very responsible man.
It truly was a lovely romantic moment when on stage, getting ready to perform, that Sage announced how he loved Kaden.

When the story started I was confused as to how old the boys were. I didn’t feel the beginning of the story was very clear.  Even though it was a short story, it was complete.



This is a relatively quick read that surprised me by having a more complicated plot than I was expecting. The down side is that I believe this should have been a full-length novel instead.

The writing style is good, but I feel like the author tried to cram too much into such a short piece. This would have worked far better if she’d taken her time to extend the story. As it was, I was left with the impression that both the love story and the challenges Sage and Kaden had to overcome were tied up too neatly with very little explanation of how it all happened. Everything was just too convenient. I also got lost a bit in the different characters and who they all were. Everything needed to be simplified because there just wasn’t time to explain it all properly.

As a short story, this simply didn’t do it for me. But I like Ms. Dennis’ style and hope to read more from her, maybe in a full-length novel.

3 stars



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