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Title: His Mercenary (Mercenary in Love #1)
Author Name: Vanessa Sims
Publication Date & Length: July 26, 2014 – 53pgs


Chase Black and his team are Mercenaries who go after Human Traffickers.
Working a case for the FBI, Chase meets special agent Cameron Allen.

Special Agent Cameron Allen has been with the FBI for five years.
Being an openly gay man in the agency is not easy, but he does his job well.

Chase and Cameron team up to find Angelo Marini, who has escaped from FBI custody. Working close together, Chase and Cameron can’t fight their attraction for each other, even if they wanted to.

What happens when a Mercenary and FBI agent come together to find a wanted fugitive and fall in love in the process?

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 FourandHalfStarsOk, so not much is hotter than Mercenaries, coming in to the rescue.  And this book had that and then some.  It was a great fast, quick read.
It was a story of love at first sight, which normally I like a little more to them falling in love, but it worked really well in this story. The plot had tons of action and suspense.

Loved Chase, he seemed to have tons of charisma and power. The relationship that was developing with Chase and Cameron was explosive.

I think that this is going to be a good series to follow.  If you like quick reads with steamy sex, then this is for you.

I liked the premise behind this book.. Mercenary falls for FBI agent. While the writing was quite good, I found the characters a bit unbelievable. Without any sign that Chase was gay or even interested, Cameron kissed him with I didn’t think really worked. And then they went on as if it hadn’t even happened until they were banging in the hotel room later.
The feelings were super rushed as in they were both feeling/thinking like they wanted to be together forever when they knew absolutely nothing about one another except their names. Insta love at it’s best and the one thing I have a really hard time with.
The plot itself was actually quite good. I think it could’ve used expanding upon and more showing instead of telling to draw the reader in a bit more, but over all not bad and the saving point of the book.
It really could use another pass by an editor as there is questions that didn’t have question marks, repetition of phrases (i.e. ‘my money is on the money. Angelo loves his money), there is an abundant use of adverbs at times too (Knocking, Opening, Walking… all in a row).. There is also a few typos like Allen is spelled Alan at one point and long distance is long distant.  NOTE: This is editing errors, not the writing itself.
Overall, not a bad story, I would certainly read more by the author.


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I live in Texas but originally I am from Trenton, NJ. When I graduated from high school, I joined the military. Yay me. I did three years with one tour to Iraq. I am happily married because seriously would put that they are unhappy. I have three kids. No pets, they scare me. I am currently a stay at home mom and I love read! A lot.


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