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Title: Ana Adored
Author Name: Anastasia Vitsky
Publication Date & Length: Feburary 28, 2015 – 226pgs


Shy Ana has two secret passions: she loves other women and she has always harbored an intense fascination with all things “spanking.” Unfortunately, her current girlfriend, Peyton, has no interest in indulging what she refers to as “sick and deviant” fantasies.

But when their latest argument becomes one black eye too many, Ana’s had enough. Finally finding the necessary courage and strength of will, she orders Peyton out of her house and out of her life. Break-ups with abusers are never easy or painless, and in the emotionally chaotic aftermath of hers, Ana turns to the only friend she has – a woman she met online more than a year before on, of all things, a plant forum.

Miranda is everything Peyton is not. She listens. She understands. She accepts. And when she unexpectedly offers Ana a plane ticket to fly out to Ohio and meet with her, face-to-face for the very first time, Ana doesn’t hesitate for long. She packs a bag and goes on vacation; ten days, prepaid, at the Castle, the most infamous BDSM resort in the world.

On the surface, everything seems so perfect and magical. But Ana isn’t at the Castle long before she realizes she isn’t the only woman with secrets. Miranda Hardwick, the Castle’s most feared and respected Mistress, has a few secrets of her own.

As the lines between fantasy and reality and friends and lovers begin to blur, both women quickly realize that if their blossoming relationship is to survive, they’re going to have to put their secrets aside – Miranda, with her strange “emergencies” that keep calling her away, and Ana, with Peyton, who just won’t accept a life without Ana in it.

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Content warning: This story has a scene of domestic violence between one of the main characters and the woman she’s with at the beginning of the book. Some readers may need to be aware of that ahead of time.

This novel was slower-paced than most of Ms. Vitsky’s work. I was drawn into it immediately, but the rhythm of the story was somewhat inconsistent. That may be due in part to the length. That said, it was a good read that gave me a lot to think about.

As is usually the case with Ms. Vitsky (and why I like her writing so much), there’s an ongoing theme of sin/redemption and remorse/forgiveness. I liked the way Peyton’s version was juxtaposed with Miranda’s and the careful analysis of how both women affected Ana at a deep level.

I loved the wild, wonderful cast of supporting characters. They were every bit as important as the two main leads. The various goings-on in the Castle and among the staff had me hanging on every word just to see what would happen next. I found myself wishing they were real people I could meet.

This story has my all-time favorite kind of sensuality: steamy, romantic, and beautiful all without long, graphic descriptions of body parts and sex acts. There was just enough detail to please me without making me feel as though it were too much, and it fit well within the context. The few more characteristically “dirty” words used were another kind of juxtaposition–Ana’s innocence vs. Miranda’s ease–and it worked perfectly.

Most of all, my favorite part was the open, honest way Ana reflected on her journey toward accepting the parts of herself she’d kept hidden. I loved the message that no one is wrong or broken or should ever feel ashamed for their needs and desires.

This is a good curl-up-with-a-blanket-and-tea kind of book.

4.5 stars
Well, I can honestly say that this is not what I expected. I expected to have one floundering woman who was fantasizing about someone dominating her and spanking her.  What the story delivered was two floundering women – one who was trying to come to terms with her desires and the other who was a very bad dominant.
This was a frustrating book at best. While the story line was easy to track, there were so many “misunderstandings” that it became redundant and somewhat boring. The most exciting parts were when Peyton came back in to the picture and despite my hatred for her, she breathed life back in to the story.
Overall, this story lacked heat, was not a good showing of what a true fantasy “Disneyland” would be like and also showed, that despite her reputation for being a great Domme, how terrible she really was at earning the trust that Ana had put in her.


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