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Title: Owned Forever
Author Name & Publisher: Willa Edwards (Totally Bound Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: June 23, 2015 – 113 pgs


Two sets of in-laws, a Dom with the need to assert his power, a fiancée with an inferiority complex and a country chic wedding to throw. What could go wrong?

For the last six months, Kate, Daniel and Grant have been living blissfully in Colorado. But that’s all about to come to an end. They’re opening up the ranch and their relationship to outsiders—Kate’s parents. While her future mother-in-law has adapted well to their unconventional relationship, Kate knows her parents won’t feel the same. At her insistence, the whole Farrell crew agrees to keep the true nature of their relationship a secret—at least from her parents—for the whole wedding weekend.

Stretched thin, Kate tries to be everything for everyone. The enthusiastic bride, the good daughter, the diligent sub that’s always under the control of her Master and the affectionate fiancé that wants nothing more than to be married. But with everyone’s needs weighing her down, eventually Kate snaps under the pressure.
In one quick moment of need, their secret is out of bag, and it’s not just her parents that feel betrayed. Can Kate convince all the people she loves to accept and participate in this untraditional wedding party, or will her needs doom her relationships for good?
Who knew Happily Ever After would be this hard!

Publisher’s Note: This story is a continuation of Kate, Grant and Daniel’s relationship from Owned For Christmas by Willa Edwards. It is best read in sequence but can be read as a standalone.

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Daniel, Grant and Kate…. I love these characters.  They have such a strong relationship and even though there are rocky times, they stand together.I wanted to hit all of them at some point in this story.  Kate, who is usually so strong, I wanted her so much to yell and scream.  But, she stayed so timid.  Daniel and Grant each had their own insecurities throughout this story and it was good to see that they each wondered how this relationship was going to work – not really whether it was, but how.

This book had great chemistry for me – they all three fit each others desires and needs.  They were willing to work with each other rather than demand.

I love Willa’s books and this one was no different.

While this book did OKAY as a standalone, I really wish I had read the book prior to it because for me I felt like I was missing bits of the story.
Everyone is running on hot and tense because of the upcoming wedding between Daniel and Kate and the arrival of her very judgmental family.
I connected the most with Daniel. While i thought the scenes between Kate and Grant were hot, I also felt like Daniel was left out and no consideration was given toward him. All the scenes were BDSM and he didn’t like that type stuff, but no one stopped to care about that, even Kate. The menage has a lot to work through and I think they were trying but even at the end I felt like it was still based mostly on Kate and Grant and Daniel just sort of got to play along too.
The whole situation with her mother and what ends up happening between them I didn’t feel was sincere, not after all the nasty things the woman had said before.
I will say that the naughty scenes were hot as hell and that alone makes me want to pick up more of this author’s work, and I think the whole disconnect for me might have came from missing what had happened in the first book.


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I’ve wanted to be writer as long as I can remember.  My mother claims that I wanted to be a writer when I was four (but I’m still not sure I knew what a writer did back then).   I completed my first novel at the ripe age of 8 in my grandmother’s dining room using my mother’s typewriter from college.  It consisted of one typed page, four chapters, each a paragraph long.  The story was about a set of alien sisters that landed on earth, had to learn how to make their way home but in the process fall in love with two human boys.  I know, a love story from the very beginning.  I blame Walt Disney.


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