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Title: Partners
Author Name: Rebecca James
Publication Date & Length: October 18, 2015 – 28 pgs


Nicco Santori and Rider Davies have been friends and partners on the LA police force for ten years. They’re closer than most married couples, and there’s nothing they don’t share.

When Nicco sees Rider kissing a man, he realizes his partner has a secret Nicco doesn’t know about. Nicco’s more than shocked, he’s jealous, and he realizes he must confront Rider about what he saw. Perhaps more difficult than that, he must confront himself about the feelings for his partner he’s kept buried for so long.

Can things work out between the partners? If so, Nicco may have something with Rider he’s never before dreamed possible. But if no, Nicco stands to lose it all.

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This was a great story. Everything about it was great. The plot, the characters, the dialogue, everything. Being a very short story, the shortest I’ve ever read, so you can read it in one sitting, it was complete. I was pleasantly surprised about that.

The plot was interesting because involved two policemen – one who is bisexual and the other doesn’t know he’s bisexual. When he sees his partner kissing someone that unlocks a door in him. Actually, his closet. The author perfectly describes his thoughts and thinking process after this awakening. Afterward, he approaches his partner about his enlightenment. This conversation was very well done.  A great ending to a story. Warning:  this story does not have the characters moving it to the bedroom, but really, the story didn’t need it. It was perfect the way it was written.

I do recommend this story because it was great from beginning to end for such a short story. If you like policemen who fall in love and where one of them steps out of the closet, then this book is for you.



What story there was in the thirty some pages was good.  But it starts off with nothing about the characters, no back story and jumps right in to Nicco taking in a friend of his brother.  I think it could have been a little longer to make it a great story.  Nick and Alex decide to get together which I thought was great and then it was the end of the book.  Just a little disappointing I wanted more.  But if your looking  for a quick light read this one would be good.



Nicco and Rider are partners in the LA police force..

Now I did think some of this very short story was steamy but honestly it just felt way to rushed to me and by the time they actually do get together it was almost the end of this story and bam that was it. So I really do not know how I feel about these two men together and the whole reason they finally admit to their feelings for each other I have to be honest and say I was really not a fan of.

So I am sad to say this Novella was just not for me…



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