3 Stars from Omega Groupie (Fated Date Agency #6) by Abraham Steele #Paranormal #MM


Title: Omega Groupie (Fated Date Agency #6)
Author Name: Abraham Steele
Publication Date & Length: September 28, 2015 – 247 pgs


For years, Bailey’s life has revolved around his adoration for Lock. The young shifter abandoned all his old hobbies and friends in order to worship the gorgeous rock star. Other people laugh off his theories about the seductive singer being in the closet, but Bailey is a hundred percent sure that it’s true.

When he doesn’t manage to get tickets to Lock’s latest concert, the omega fanboy comes up with a better plan. He’ll wait outside and get Lock to autograph his back, then get the signature tattooed. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Lock Claybourne doesn’t usually pop boners while making his way through crowds of screaming fans. He’s strangely attracted to the boy outside his show – and not just because of the bold request that he makes. The electric hum that crackles between them is too intense to be imaginary. Lock needs to see this particular fan again, even if he can’t explain why.

But loving Bailey doesn’t fit with Lock’s bad boy image… and not everyone profiting from his success wants what’s best for him.

Omega’s Obsession is Book 6 of the Fated Date Agency series. It also stands alone as a complete 240-page gay shifter mpreg romance novel.

Guaranteed HEA ending with no cliffhangers!

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Bailey is a super fan of rock star Lock. He follows everything about him and loves all of his music.
Lock meets Bailey and as a alpha wolf he feels a instant attraction to Bailey he does not really understand.

Bailey took fan to a whole new level in this book and came off as way to stalker to me to the point it was just creepy. I get that he was attracted to Lock but there is a point to me where it is just to much and through a lot of this book it was that way for me.

Then there was Lock and the way he treated Bailey in this book which I also was not a fan of.

I liked the authors pretense of this story but I just did not like these characters or the way they acted with each other.

So I am sad to say this book was just not for me…



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