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Title: Yes, Forever
Author Name & Publisher: Bailey Bradford (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: March 31, 2013 – 44 pgs

Just when John Weston thinks he’s got it all together, he learns he’s really just buried his head in the sand.

John Weston has been using his past behaviour as a weapon against himself. He’s not wanted to fall back into old habits and ways that nearly destroyed him. That’s why he’s kept to himself for the past two years.Little by little, things happen that begin to make him see what he’s really done—wall himself off in such a way that he no longer knows how to be around people outside of his job and his family.

One man will come along and rattle John’s self-imposed cage, and start John on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance he didn’t even know he needed. John will have to take risks instead of hide away, and learn that making mistakes doesn’t mean he’s a lost cause. It simply means he’s a man who can feel more than he’d ever thought he could.

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 ThreeStarThis was a decent series but I definitely see room to make it ever better.

John in my opinion does not trust himself to relapse into the man he was previously. He knows after getting clean of drugs, alcohol, and sec with random men and then finally getting help why he was the was he was. He has an mental illness of depression and even though he is seeing a therapist and taking his medication like he is supposed to he is not at the point that he trusts himself. He has mainly kept to himself but once he meets Benji his world is turned upside down.

Benji in my opinion is very self absorbed and I honestly view him as one of those people that believes it alright for him to do what he wants but he does not want John too.

It is difficult for these two men to get in the same page in what they have together but they do. Eventually that is.

Honestly I was left at odds with this book ending as quickly as it did. I honestly did not realize that the book that I had was the one with all five parts in one book so when I went to move onto the next book and realized I had read all of them I was really let down. I think this book could have been amazing if the issues these two men was having hard more in depth answers to their problems instead of a quick brush off like I felt that they did.

Regardless it was a decent read but not one of my favorites.



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