3 Stars for Work Boots and Tees (Deep Secrets and Hope #5) by Jo Ramsey #MM #Romance


Title: Work Boots and Tees (Deep Secrets and Hope #5)
Author Name & Publisher: Jo Ramsey (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 15, 2015 – 180 pgs


Sixteen-year-old Jim Frankel has become the thing he loathes, and he can’t stand thinking about what he has done.

After being accused of sexual assault by two girls, Jim serves out his sentence in a juvenile detention facility. He’s shocked by the arrest for what he thought was consensual sex, and terrified his own childhood sexual abuse has twisted him into a predator—just like the man who molested him.

Upon release, Jim is no longer welcome at his family home, and with nowhere else to turn, he travels from Massachusetts to Michigan to live with his father’s cousin, Delia. Keeping his head down, Jim works hard at Delia’s art supply shop and prays no one will find out about the awful crime he committed. It’s his chance for a new beginning, but when he makes his first friend in Man-Shik Park, Jim is afraid to let him get too close. But by walling himself off from the support Manny’s offering, Jim might sabotage the opportunities in front of him.

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First let me say I did enjoy this book, but I clearly do not agree with the author. I felt that this book was a rant about date rape when to me it seemed clear that no one was raped. The story was all one sided and it was on the side of someone who was raped. In a way I can see how many are charged and plead guilty to date rape when they clearly have not raped anyone. In this story you have a fragile teenager (one who was sexually abused as a child) who believes he has become a predator and that’s just sad. I realize that both sides happen in real life but to me the author was clearly taken the side of the girls who said they were raped. I really think that they whole story could have been handled better.



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Jo Ramsey started writing when she was five years old and hasn’t stopped since. Between ages 12 and 20, she wrote twenty book-length manuscripts, longhand in spiral notebooks which now dwell in the bottom drawer of her filing cabinet. Jo’s first YA novel, Reality Shift 1: Connection, was published in January 2010, followed in October 2010 by book 2: Filtration System. Jo lives in Massachusetts with her two daughters, her husband, and two cats, one of whom occasionally tries to help her type.


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