3 Stars for Until There Was You by J.J. Bamber (Jay Bamber) #MM #Romance


Title: Until There Was You
Author Name & Publisher: J.J. Bamber (Jay Bamber)
Publication Date & Length: September 9, 2015 – 343 pgs


The morning after their tenth anniversary, Nathanial wakes up to find his lover, Adam, is gone, their finances in ruin, and he’s about to lose the house. Overwhelmed and at a loss, he takes his son Bailey and returns to his childhood home—the home he left ten years ago after his relationship with Adam was discovered.

With his present in shambles, the future uncertain, and nowhere else to go, Nathaniel has no choice but to face his past and hope that something can be built from the wreckage.

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First let me say that I love stories with children and I really hate it when one parent flies the coop. I can only give this book 3 stars, there just seem to be too much missing. First we never knew where this book was taken place. We knew it was a big city as Nate made the comment to one of his friends that apartment’s where very expensive in a big city. Then when Nate went home, where was home?? Everything also just seemed to be so formal.

However, there were definite things in favor of the book. I absolutely loved Bailey and was glad to see he was a major part of the book; it gave me something to look forward too. I liked Nate, but his relationship with Abel just seemed off to me. I would have rather seen the author go with waiting for Joshua to come back and rebuild that relationship.



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Author of Until There Was You and the upcoming The Restart Project. Both with the wonderful Less Than Three Press.

Loves: hummus, romantic comedies, looking too deeply at pop culture, writing, yoga and bad musicals.


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