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Title: Turkish Delight
Author Name: Trina Lane
Publication Date: March 6, 2015


Three very different men from three different countries look to build a love greater than any wonder of the world.

Project manager Garrett Sloan builds majestic hotels for the rich and famous around the world, but when it comes to love, all his relationships seem to crumble. His latest project lands him in Istanbul, where the desire he’s held for a certain French architect heats up under the Middle Eastern sun, and his resolve never to mix business with pleasure melts beneath the added hot stare and skilled hands of a Turkish mason.

The three men discover they want to build a relationship to stand the test of time. Much like Kyle LaFleure’s buildings and Emir Şahin’s stonework. As the bonds between Garrett and his partners grow stronger and more complex they work to lay the perfect foundation on which to build a lasting relationship. Can the three men construct a relationship that will endure? Or will their love reach its zenith when their shared task of finishing the ultimate Ottoman luxury hotel reaches it completion?

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Three very different men from three different countries look to build a love greater than any Wonder of the World, while builing one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

What stood out the most for me was the author’s knowledge of Istanbul, the architecture within the city. The terms in building and creating the masterpiece of a boutique hotel will make you feel as if you are watching the whole project come to life before your eyes. The isn’t to take anything away from the heartfelt and very sexy journey with these three very different men that have a chemistry and maturity for this journey that makes for a most enjoyable story!

Reviewer: Kimberley


I have to confess that it took me a few chapters to get into this story.  The writing felt clunky at the start and I didn’t feel an immediate connection to any of the three main characters.  I felt that they fell for each other too quickly in a way that felt more like an extended hook-up than a romance leading to true love.  I became more engaged as we learned more about Emir’s family and Kyle and Garret’s professional lives. I really felt for Emir by the end of the story.  Having spent some time in Istanbul, I enjoyed the beautiful descriptive passages about the city and the architectural details of the hotel the three men were building.

I didn’t like the way the book skipped through time very quickly without us learning more about the three men’s lives outside of the relationship and the hotel.  Their lives, interests and other relationships could have been developed so much further.  This book was definately more erotica than romance, focusing on the sex between the three men.  While I love hot m/m/m menage, I found myself skimming through some of the later scenes.  Some of the descriptions of the sex felt mechanical – at one point a sexual act was described as a “method”.  Also, to be very picky,  the American author’s description of her English and French main characters’ lives didn’t ring very true to a UK reader.

However, despite these niggles, I found myself quite attached to the three men and their hotel by the end of the story and would recommend the story to those who enjoy their stories more erotica than romance.



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Kyle gripped under his knees and held his legs up. Garrett placed his cock at Kyle’s opening. He pushed in, slightly. Kyle tossed his head about on the pillow as he moaned. Emir stroked his cock as he watched Garrett fill Kyle inch by inch. In a little farther each time then back out. Emir’s own ass tingled with desire to feel Garrett’s rod against him again. When Garrett finally seated himself all the way inside Kyle, Emir took no time before he pushed three fingers deep into Garrett.

Garrett cried out and his body tightened around Emir’s digits.

“Bloody fucking hell. I’ve never had it both ways. I’m going to come! You’d better get inside me, Emir, if we’re all going to do this together.”

He gave Garrett’s balls a squeeze to hold off the man’s release. Emir donned a condom and efficiently used the lube over the latex. He placed the tip of his cock against Garrett’s opening and pressed his way inside. The intense heat and constriction of his lover’s body had Emir frozen in place with only partial entry. As Garrett had done with Kyle, Emir used an advance-and-retreat method until his entire length was buried deep. He kissed the taut curve of Garrett’s spine. Emir’s body protested against the delay but until he got some sign from Garrett, there was no way he would move.

“He’s in, mon cheri. All the way, deep inside you. Can you feel his flesh throbbing with the need to claim you, as I do yours? We’re all connected now.”


I can be shy and boisterous, introverted and extroverted. I like to get dressed up in pretty clothes and think slippers, t-shirts and sweats are just fine. I love spending time with close friends and alone with a good book and glass of wine. I have been passionately addicted to romance novels since the age of thirteen and enjoy almost all genres of romance. My only requirement is that all reads have a happily ever after ending. When I am not devouring a new book by one of my favorite authors or thinking up new storylines for one of my own, you can usually find me watching a movie with my husband and cat, working with my other passionate obsession photography, or listening to my iPod. Quite frequently a combination of all the above.

I started writing on a whim when one of the thousands of stories that float around in my head stuck during the daily commute to my office. As the week progressed the storyline got more elaborate. I decided to write it down and it eventually became SEALing Fate.

I want to encourage everyone not to be afraid of trying something new. It’s scary and thrilling but the rewards can be great.


What’s At the End of Your Rainbow?

With the greenest of holidays coming up next week I think it’s a good time to ask ourselves if we feel lucky. If you believe in the Irish mythology then it’s true that a Leprechaun keeps all his gold hidden at the end of a rainbow. If you find that pot of gold then you may have a chance to also catch the sneaky diminutive fairy and he will be compelled to grant you three wishes. Hmmm I can think of a couple fun ones off the top of my head. After I ask for World Peace of course.  Anyway, if the gold represents the Leprechaun’s greatest treasure, then what might we humans treasure enough to keep stored away in a location just as magical in the real world? Is your greatest treasure love? Power? Money? Friendship? Success? That something is different for everyone. And that something can change as we mature or life forces us to reevaluate our decisions.

Right now, what I treasure most is my family. I have a husband who, even though he frequently drives me nuts, I love deeply. We are very different people. With beliefs that sometimes seem polar opposite of each other, but beneath those differences is a love that has only grown deeper in the past 21 years we’ve been together. I also have a little boy who rules my world. He makes me laugh everyday with his toddler antics and I’m constantly amazed as how quickly he learns. I have a mother who without her help, I would have pulled my hair out twenty times over in the past two years as I try and figure out this whole parenting thing. Not to mention the past 37 years as I try and figure out this whole life thing.

Whatever your treasure may be, I hope it brings you fulfillment. Our lives are generally hectic and stressful. Between work, hobbies, and family obligations it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness and lose sight of what really important to us. So I encourage you all to seek the end of your rainbow and evaluate if your pot of treasure still holds what you desire. If not, then it’s time for a new treasure hunt. Or if it does, but it’s only half full then try to find ways to increase your riches.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!



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