3 stars for Truck Me Back to Normal by J. D. Walker @MLRPress


Title: Truck Me Back to Normal
Author Name & Publisher: J. D. Walker (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 21, 2016 — Short story


Joey Choi doesn’t think he can have a relationship with anyone because of his PTSD, but Barrimore Lancett sets out to prove him wrong.

Joseph “Joey” Choi has been to hell and back. A war veteran, he was in a bad place for a long time until his brother Derrick got him the help he needed. Joey figures the least he can do is learn how to do things on his own, for a change. His first step is to apply for a job at a farm.

Barrimore “Bear” Lancett, the farm’s foreman, is larger than life and seriously hot. And God, those dimples! They both have a “moment,” but Joey immediately pushes those wayward, intimate thoughts aside, convinced he’s not relationship material, much less with his boss.

That doesn’t stop Bear, and after an argument which leads to a fist fight, he gives Joey the kiss of a lifetime. Now, Bear just has to convince Joey to take it one step further, and maybe find his new normal.

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This is a short story about Joey Choi and how he found the love of his life through Bear, his boss.
Suffering from PTSD, Joey wants to get his life together and be “normal” again. So he applies for a job in a ranch. There he meets Bear, who seemed as closed off as Joey, but really, they’re attracted to each other.
I liked the couple, but this was a very short story…I feel like things happened way too fast and I didn’t get to know Bear as well as I could have. It said that they were gonna take things slow and get to know each other more, but I want to read about it, not get told. Ah well, could have been worse. The story is in 1st person through Joey’s eyes and it was interesting being in his head. Wished we could have been in Bear’s also.


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J.D. Walker likes to keep her stories short and sweet, with the occasional novel or novella. A multi-published author, she is also a musician, artist, language enthusiast (German and Spanish), and lover of all things knit and crochet.


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