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Title: The Muse
Author Name & Publisher: Suzie Carr (Sunny Bee Books LLC)
Publication Date & Length: November 21, 2012 – 254 pgs


At twenty-nine, Jane Knoll is convinced that she will never experience her first kiss. Bullied as a teenager, she lives life under a veil of insecurity and loneliness. Her social life consists of television reruns and a weekly laundry night with her neighbor, Larry. Then, hope rises when Jane starts following her beautiful, magnetic co-worker Eva on Twitter. Under the protective disguise of an alter ego, Jane experiences the joy of flirting and the rush of euphoria. Eva and Jane quickly launch into an online love affair that brings out the best in Jane. Behind the safety of her laptop screen, she becomes confident and empowered with purpose and talent. But face-to-face, Jane is nothing more than Eva’s nondescript, clumsy co-worker—a social catastrophe. For the first time in her life, Jane has discovered true bliss—happiness in love, newfound success in a writing career, and the chance to make a difference in the world. But can she live the rest of her life as an alter ego? Is she brave enough to reveal her true identity and risk squandering it all?

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This is an audiobook review of a book purchased by me.

I admit I was a little disappointed in this book. Not enough to stop listening, but there were things here that bugged me. I’ve read one other book by Suzie Carr, and I really liked it, so I thought I’d give this one a listen. Most of the time I didn’t like the main character, Jane. I know bullying is a very real problem, and one that causes young people to end their lives in an effort to escape the pain and humiliation. And I know that people can be scarred by the cruelty inflicted upon them. But it just seemed like it took way too long for Janie to start finding herself, to start standing up for herself. And if the progression was going to take that long, how realistic would it be for Eva to ignore the fact that Jane lied to her about so many things when they finally meet.  And the lying was a sticking point for me. I completely understand why she lied, and why she continued after she started. Because once you’ve told one lie, it’s extremely difficult to come clean, which leads to more lies just to perpetuate the one you first told. I just dislike dishonesty, and I’m not sure Eva would simply dismiss all of it without a word.

Also, I wasn’t altogether happy with the narration. Sometimes I can see how having an author narrate their own work could really help a book. The author, after all, is the one person who knows how the writer intended the pauses to go because she’s heard them all in her head before. But Suzie Carr has a slight accent, that my head kept telling me was New Jersey, possibly New York, and it just didn’t fit with what I imagined Jane would sound like. I could be wrong. I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed exactly what a Baltimore accent sounded like. But for me, it didn’t fit. Also her way of speaking some lines seemed casual when more emotion was called for.

So there were parts of the story that I felt frustrated about. It just seemed that things, even serious things, came across almost in a blasé way. There’s a feel good ending that just seems a bit too pat and shallow. They never even talk about the lies that Jane’s told. It feels unresolved. And that leaves me a little dissatisfied.

Amy P.


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Suzie Carr is a prolific novelist, publishing company owner, philanthropist and avid blogger. Occasionally she sleeps, but not often.

Whether it’s writing about women in love, inspiring new authors, advocating for lgbt equality and animal welfare or blogging about community awareness, positive living, taking action and inspiration… Suzie remains passionate in her beliefs!

She believes in the power of community and fostering a welcoming place where everyone feels connected and their voices are equal, valued and appreciated. Bullying, bigotry and inequality are not welcome… but curves always are.

Suzie’s love for the written word started back when she was a child. She enjoyed visiting the library every Saturday to spend hours reading. Books quickly became a constant companion to her and remained as such throughout her childhood.

Always in the creative mindset, she dreamed of a life where she would work by day and write books by night.

Unfortunately, twelve hour work days left her no time or energy for learning how to craft a novel. So, off to college she went to pursue her passion for writing.

College fed her hunger for the written word and Suzie devoured anything and everything written on the subject of novel writing while pursuing her degree in communications at Rhode Island College.

Soon after graduating, The Fiche Room, a coming-of-age novel about two women falling in love, was born. Over the years The Fiche Room grew from its humble e-book origins to an Amazon Kindle best seller receiving glowing reviews and recently giving rise to its adaptation, The Curve, a short film currently in production.

With six bestsellers on Amazon Kindle in the lesbian romance and lesbian fiction genres, Suzie continues to write about the beauty of women falling in love with each other to the rave reviews of her growing fans, loyal followers and fellow authors.

Suzie Carr believes strongly in giving back to the community. She donates a portion of book sale proceeds to the Hearts United for Animals and NOH8 Campaign.

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