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Title: The Kachina Job
Author Name & Publisher: A.J. Marcus (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 28, 2015 – 200 pgs


The lion, the jaguar, and the owl against the werewolf. Who will prevail?

Phillip Twohands is a thief and a weremountain lion. When he takes a job stealing an ugly kachina, he never realizes it will change his life forever. Daniel Hernandez is a werejaguar who is hired to steal the same kachina by the same werewolf who hired Phillip. When their paths cross, it becomes clear the tension between them is not all about rivalry.

The local sheriff, Shannon O’Flaherty, catches them in the act and has no choice but to take the two into his personal custody, which quickly ends up with the three of them in bed together.

When they learn the kachina has an ancient wolf spirit trapped inside, they rally to prevent it from transferring its power to the werewolf who hired them, but it will take all the strength in their new bond to succeed.

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Well I am sad to say this one was just not for me..
I honestly felt really no connection between all three of these characters and I am not really sure why..  I love shifter books for the mating bond and the connection they feel to each other but for some reason I just did not get that with Daniel, Phillip or Shannon.
Shannon is the sheriff that catches Phillip the mountain lion and Daniel the Jaguar. They all work together to protect Kachina Wolf statue that for some reason some spirits and other people want. So there was some mystery, action with this book also.  I am not really sure I liked the way they treated Phillip, he felt like more of a outsider to me with this ménage and that is one of the reasons I am so picky about ménages because I like to feel like they are all equal and I am not sure that I got that with this book..
To be honest this one just did not grab me at all unfortunately..


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A.J. Marcus grew up in Texas. He’s always had a fascination with cowboys, comic books and the great outdoors. He started writing in high school and at times spent more time writing than he did reading, and he’s a voracious reader. Maybe it was growing up in Texas, but his love of rugged men showed up even before he realized what was going on. He likes his men manly, hard, tough and caring, men with hearts, and other parts, as big as Texas.

A.J. currently lives near Colorado Springs, Colorado with his loving partner and several horses. The men here are still men.


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