3 Stars for The Bridge ~ Inner City: Gargoyles by Victoria Cobretti and Erik Schubach #FF #Fantasy


Title: The Bridge ~ Inner City: Gargoyles
Author Name: Victoria Cobretti & Erik Schubach
Publication Date & Length: February 1, 2015 – 295 pgs


Nearly year after the dramatic events at the Roebling Suspension Bridge, the otherworldly citizens of Cincinnati are settling into the new state of affairs. O’Flanagan’s has become the hub of fae activity in the area under the watchful eye of Troll Evangeline Kane. But other sentinels of the city also frequent the bar, including Gargoyle Kalila Storm.

When a string of robberies threatens mortals and fae alike, Kalila and her partner, Declan, must track down those responsible. But just when they think they’ve uncovered the truth, they find that the web of deceit stretches even further than they could ever have imagined. And as if that wasn’t enough, Kalila is at war with herself over her inexplicable new attraction to a mortal woman.

This book is set in the same universe as The Bridge series by Erik Schubach.

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The opening page of this novel pulls the reader in (despite a spelling mistake), it’s written in an original way  almost in the first person. Unfortunately after a brilliant start it seems to become too focused on explaining who all the other “non straights” are. Despite having read Mr Schubach’s other two Bridge books, I did find this over complicated in its explanations and would have preferred to learn about the Shadow Bounds etc as they became involved in the story line.  This distracts from the plot and only recovers about a quarter of the way through.
The plot does develops in  an exciting and enthralling way, the characters become alive and believable. I particularly liked the references made to previous character from The Bridge collection and enjoyed how they fitted into this novel.
As the climax approaches all the characters are successfully brought together and although one of the main protagonists could be predicted the way the author handled the situation was gripping. I did feel that it was unnecessary to vindicate Storms actions as the wave she behaved was true to her character.
I enjoyed the conclusion and how whole essence of this fantasy world was brought together and loose ends that could be explained were.
Throughout the novel the author successfully left clues to not quite fully explained situations, questionable characters and of course the wonderful relationship developing between Storm and Maggie. All these clues left me asking questions, wondering, hoping for a sequel. I was therefore very disappointed with the epilogue finding it rather condescending to the reader. The novel was well enough written not to have everything further explained in the epilogue and came across more as an advert for the next book than an informative addition to an otherwise interesting novel.


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Victoria Cobretti is a new writer with a quirky personality. She loves writing on many subjects and can be found at home playing tabletop games, watching her dogs play, or doing what a writer does best–studying her next plot.

Victoria has just finished her first book in the Goyles series, The Bridge ~ Inner City: Gargoyles. And is now working on her next book, a lesbian twist on Jack and the Beanstalk. She specializes in adventures with f/f romance and in f/f sweet romance stories with action.


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