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Title: The Beast Winin (The Hounds of Hell #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Terra Laurent (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: November 22, 2013 – 223 pgs


In Aaron Marvell’s tormented world beasts lurk around every corner. But the only one standing between him and his heart’s desire is the beast within.

Tormented supernatural security agent, Aaron Marvell, has come to Maryland to restart his career after a vicious workplace attack. His alluring new partner, Tony Harper, seems more than willing to help him acclimate to his new life. But Aaron hides a terrible secret that, if discovered, could put Aaron at the terminal end of his partner’s weapon.

When warring factions of werewolves, spurred by the Hellhound Cerberus, arrive in their territory, Aaron and Tony vow to stop them at any cost. But the price for valor may be high enough to cost them everything. Aaron must face the truth about himself and and the dark thing lurking inside him before he loses Tony forever.

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Well while I absolutely loved the paranormal aspect to this book and the action this author wrote. I just honestly did not feel the romance between these two at all…
You get so little of them together that by the end everything between the two of them makes really no sense at all to me.
For me to believe a couple I just need to feel like they are just not being thrown together and unfortunately with these two that is what I felt.
Now you do get plenty of paranormal beings in this book.  I did honestly love that element of the book and the authors pretense of this story.
Aaron was bitten in a attack awhile ago when he then finds himself being a werewolf but what he does not know he is so much more than that.
Tony is his new partner and honestly the way he treated him at first was kind of crappy and I really do not blame Aaron for not trusting him. It was just one of those times I really wished the MC would not have forgiven so easily.
So you get your action, angst and a little bit of steam which I really liked all of that. But the feeling like everything was just thrown together between the two of them and I really did not feel any connection between Aaron and Tony knocked this book down for me.
So I am sad to say this one was just not for me…


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