3 stars for The Adventures of Monkey Girl and Tiger Kite by Kai Schalk #FF #Lesbian #Superhero

Monkey Girl

Title: The Adventures of Monkey Girl and Tiger Kite
Author Name: Kai Schalk
Publication Date & Length: March 25, 2015 – 39 pages


High school would be a lot easier to deal with if Sunny Wong did not have to balance schoolwork with superhero shenanigans. But superhero she is, gifted the powers of Chinese folk hero Monkey, and when zombies start appearing it’s up to her and her sidekick, Delia, to figure out who’s responsible for raising the dead and why…

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A short novel full of modern cultural influences and references, peppered with the use of Urban vocabulary. Very original in the way it vacillates between past and present. Describes the angst felt by teenagers towards their parents and peers very accurately
I enjoyed the sarcastic use of rhetoric and liked the way it was roughly based on traditional cultural characters. The author also touched on cultural stereo types and self image quite successfully.
I think you will this novel if you enjoy comic characters fighting and beating clichéd villains, written in a colourful and humorous way.
A light easy to read novel with the promise of further adventures. I did feel it lacked a great deal of substance and touched lightly on many subjects without fully covering any in particular depth. The shell was there but not the underpinning.


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