3 Stars for Snow White and the Seventh Bodyguard by Stephanie Rabig #MM @stephrabig


Title: Snow White and the Seventh Bodyguard
Author Name & Publisher: Stephanie Rabig (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: December 16, 2015


Makana, known to the world as singer Snow White, is enjoying the resurgence of xyr popularity after a Youtube single brought xyr back into the public eye. But not all the attention xe gets is good, and xe reluctantly hires a bodyguard. Patrick Cortez seems like the perfect person for the job. But he’s also sweet, funny, and twenty-one years xyr junior. At least the press is having a good time.

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So this story is about Xyr/Xe who is very famous and needs protection. So he hires Patrick to protect him.

Let me begin by saying I did like the premise of this story but all the constant name switches was honestly annoying and honestly had me head spinning. One minute it would be Xyr then Xe doing something then Makana which is all one man but it was constantly switching so much that it sadly really gave me a headache trying to follow along.

I got why he switched when he ever his mood would change but it really was just way to much name switching in this story for me and some of this story honestly just confused me which left me feeling really lost.

So I am sad to say this novella was just not for me….



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I love mythology and fairy tales (those form the basis of about 60% of my current projects), Pacific Rim, Firefly, The Avengers, tea, Welcome to Night Vale, and chocolate.

Though I write mostly dark fantasy, my first and main love will always be horror. A few years ago, my grade-school librarian came up to me at work and said it was nice to see me again. I was surprised she recognized me, considering how many kids she’d interacted with over the years, and she laughed. “True, but not many kindergartners come up to my desk wanting to borrow Dracula, dear.”

Basically, I was doomed from the start.

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