3 Stars for Small Claims by Ethan Stone #MM @Totally_Bound


Title: Small Claims
Author Name: Ethan Stone


Judge Shawn Rosen is about to take on the toughest case of his life.

Small claims judge Shawn Rosen is comfortable in his career, but his personal life is another story. His twenty year relationship ended two years ago, but while he accepts the end, he hasn’t even started to move on. He lives a generic life.

Everything changes when Jody Jacobsen walks into his courtroom and Shawn is attracted to him. Following the case, they have a chance meeting which leads to a wild night. Waking up to cold sheets should have been a sign, but instead Shawn keeps coming back for more and eventually falls fast and hard—so hard he might be missing the clues that the commitment isn’t mutual.

There’s trouble when the case that brought them together could also tear them apart. Will Jody give in to his tendency to run, or will he finally be the man that Shawn deserves?
Reader Advisory: This book contains references to paraphilic infantilism.

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This is a sweet and funny romantic comedy.

When Jody’s neighbour brings him to court, attempting to sue him over his noisy and slightly kinky sex life, judge Shawn is both amused by
and smitten with the young man. When he finds Jody in a bar later, he
summons the courage to approach the younger man.

Shawn spent a lifetime raising a daughter with his ex. Since the split
he has been lonely and celibate. Jody has been anything but celibate,
but after being badly hurt once, he refuses to engage in a committed

The relationships between Shawn, his daughter and his ex-husband are
convincingly bitter-sweet and uncomfortably awkward at times. Shawn’s loneliness will resonate with anyone who has ever found themselves emerging involuntarily from a long-term relationship.

This is a simple, quite formulaic rom-com. Barriers between the two  men are contrived and then torn down, exposing the characters enough for the men to become likeable. For me though, neither man was developed fully enough for me to become attachment.

By the end of the book, I still wasn’t sure that a much younger man
without a steady job or any direction in his life is the best fit for
Shawn. And I’m still not sure that the quiet, self-contained family man
has actually calmed the club kid in Jody.

This is a happy, funny story which readers will find charming.



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