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Title: Rule of Three
Author Name & Publisher: Lore Graham (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: November 18, 2015


Provoked by yet another argument with his rival, Ian sets out to prove he’s capable of serious black magic by summoning a demon. Instead of a hulking, red-skinned brute, however, he winds up with the handsome incubus Alistair. Now, Ian must cope with a wily and seductive matchmaker who insists his rival may be more than just an adversary.

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Okay so this was perfect if you are looking for a quick steamy read because it was very steamy..
For me it was way to rushed and I really did not get these three together at all.  I felt like Jae was such a jerk and I really did not understand why Ian wanted him. Then there was Alistair the demon who Ian summoned for some reason who found himself in-between these two men as a prop for them to be together.
So there was a lot of this that just did not make sense to me.  But there were also parts I really liked too so I am going to leave this review with unfortunately it was just to rushed and there were other factors that made me feel like this Novella was just not for me..



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Lore Graham is a queer writer who lives in Boston, MA. Ze primarily writes sci fi and fantasy romance, but dabbles in poetry and nonfiction as well.

Lore is passionate about spectacular worlds and visceral stories, with a particular interest in queer characters. Ze is transgender and nonbinary; zir pronouns are ze/zir/zir or they/them/their. Outside of reading and writing, ze enjoys cooking, playing rpgs, hosting parties, and hugging cats.

Lore’s poetry has been published in Strange Horizons.


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