3 Stars for Redneck Riviera Rumble: Story of a College Jock vs. a Big Bear Heel (Motel Wrestler Fiction Series Book 2) by A.C. Yates #M/M @MotelWrestler


Title: Redneck Rivera Rumble: Story of A College Jock vs. A Big Bear Heel (Motel Wrestler Fiction Series #2)
Author Name & Publisher: A.C. Yates (Izzey Press, Inc. )
Publication Date & Length: December 21st 2015- 36 pages


In this story, a young college jock named Cody is in the process of self-discovery in terms of his sexuality. He learns of a clothing optional gay resort on the Emerald Coast of Florida that is having an event for guys that enjoy wrestling. When he arrives, the resort, the people, and the wrestling itself far exceeds his expectations. But, now he has been challenged by the older heel known as Big Ben.

Big Ben challenges young Cody to a wrestling match with stakes. The match and the stakes will take Cody into new places with both his wrestling and his idea of sex. The real question is whether or not Cody will come out on top, or will his fate rest in the hands of the heel, Big Ben?

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This is the m/m version of amateur porn uploaded to x-tube.  The writing is pretty awful but the raunchy little story still manages to be hot.  Several fetishes are played to in a very short thirty-six pages – a straightish frat boy heads to a clothing optional gay resort for a little bit of wrestling with a daddy bear.

With all the stylistic grace of a fourteen-year-old boy struggling to learn tense control, readers are whizzed past a swimming pool full of hard bodies straight to a wrestling ring complete with fetishised costumes where daddy bear Big Ben challenges gay virgin frat-boy Cody to a match with Cody’s ass the prize.

This isn’t Tolstoy – or even Xavier Mayne, but it is good fun.  I was a little surprised that after hinting at kink from the start, the actual sex in this book is pretty vanilla – and kinda sweet.



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