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Title: Railroad Spine
Author Name & Publisher: Geonn Cannon (Supposed Crimes)
Publication Date & Length: November 1, 2012 – 251 pgs


In a world where a little knowledge truly is a dangerous thing, Candice “Dice” Bodger is about to get an awful education.

Employed by the military as an airship captain, Dice knows exactly as much as she needs to get her cargo from one field to the next. Information is fiercely regulated, and sharing of knowledge is punishable by death. Dice has no interest in learning until she begins an illicit romance with the engineer assigned to her ship. The romance is shortlived when the man she loves is captured and Dice’s crime comes to light. Dice, though spared execution, is forced to give up her ill-conceived child moments after his birth. Despondent, she is given a new lease on love when she falls for the midwife who helped her through the pregnancy.

Marked as a criminal and deciding she might as well earn her tarnished record, Dice tracks down the group of rebels her lover belonged to and offers her services as a smuggler. In exchange, the rebels agree to help her find classified information that could lead her to finding her son.

Her work as a smuggler frequently puts her in danger but Dice soon discovers the true cost of crime when someone close to her is fatally injured. Faced with losing yet another loved one, Dice decides to take drastic measures that could destroy the entire rebellion… or put an end to the government’s tyranny once and for all.

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This book was completely different than anything I have ever read but In a good way.
Although it took a while to get into it, once I got into it, I didn’t want to put it down.
This book is well written and full of adventure and sex.
With this group you never know what will happen next or what crazy plan they will come up with. I truly enjoyed this book and hope to read more about the Ruffians.


Mr Cannon researches his book extremely thoroughly. The name given to the ship in the novel is an actual freight carrying ship, Tamerlane. Tamerlane is also a poem by Edgar Allan Poe about loss of first real love, both name and poem are relevant to this novel. The escapades throughout the book are both exciting and supporting the underdog, the needy, the less able in society, all thoroughly deserving causes.  This makes us believe in the cause and want them to succeed. The event are as relevant today as they are to the future described in the novel.
The main characters in the book are brave yet show great emotion, great love for each other and to what they believe in.
I was personally particularly impressed with the dialect used to count,used on two occasions, Cumbrian.
My only criticism would be that in this novel to many masters are served, those who enjoy science fiction, those looking for an exciting adventure, those looking for a beautiful love story and those looking for sexual content. I feel adding so many sex scenes detracted from an otherwise excellent book.


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