3 Stars for Mercurial Shifts by Elena Alexandrescu #Bisexual #MM


Title: Mercurial Shifts
Author Name & Publisher: Elena Alexandrescu (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: December 23, 2015


Kazimir is used to getting his way and has the resources to ensure it. Even getting cleared of arson and murder charges is just another day at the office for a man who has always lived at the top of organized crime. Until he’s betrayed by one of the few he counted a friend, and handed over to a supplier gang out for revenge.

But he also wakes up to his old tattoo artist, a man he hasn’t seen in eighteen years but who hasn’t aged a day… a man Kazimir is starting to fear doesn’t actually exist…

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Okay I am going to start of this review by saying I was so confused by this story!

This story starts off with Kazimir on trial for something I am still kind of confused about. So after he is found not guilty he ends up being kidnapped and taken to Peru where he meets Hermes who also tattooed him years ago and can’t be seen by other people when he does not want them to. So this is a very short story and I do not want to give away any spoilers. I will say I did like the authors pretense of this story I just felt like everything was so rushed it honestly left me feeling kind of confused about what was going on. So I am sad to say this Novella was just not for me…


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