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Title: Making Nice
Author Name & Publisher: Elizah J. Davis (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 26, 2014 – 314 pgs


Twins Blake and Bianca Dunlap have always been there for each other, ready to lend support and make sacrifices. Blake can’t imagine a bigger sacrifice than getting along with Bianca’s fiancé, Matt. However, Matt turns out to be more than the meathead Blake had dismissed him as, but Matt’s best friend, Ryan Everett, is a different story. Ryan seems intent on being an insufferable jerk as often as possible. The fact that Blake is undeniably attracted to Ryan only makes the whole situation more annoying.

Since they’ll all be stuck together for the long haul, Blake is determined to make nice. Unfortunately he overshoots, and he and Ryan end up on much friendlier terms than Blake intended. While he and Ryan agree there’s no harm in having a strings-free fling, that changes when Matt and Bianca find out about it. As more complications arise, Blake and Ryan become more determined to do what it takes to avoid letting them down. But the only way to ensure getting through a joyous wedding and avoid the questions neither of them want to answer is to convince everyone it’s something more.

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**Audiobook Review**

This book seemed to be one miscommunication after another and I simply got annoyed with it after a while. One or two is one thing, but after a bit it became predictable and frustrating.
I think there was a lot of promise there for the characters and their situations, but a lot of it was missed sadly.
My favorite part was the end even though it was over the top, give me a cavity kind of sweet.
The narrator was pretty good, I didn’t like the fact that the steamy scenes were read with absolutely no inflection like they could’ve been discussing the news, not getting down and dirty with each other. It made me want to tune out and skip to the next part. I don’t know if it was that he wasn’t comfortable reading those parts or what, but it really distracted from any type of connection that was supposed to be made during those scenes.


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Elizah Davis has lived in various parts of the United States, but currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, enjoying the abundance of coffee readily available there. She earned her degree in creative writing after she realized journalism involved too many facts and not enough unicorns. She loves stories of all kinds, but has a particular fondness for romance and fantastical adventures. When she isn’t busy making things up, Elizah enjoys reading, laughing at cats on the internet, buying girly shoes, and trying to come up with world domination plans that don’t require the donning of pants (her endeavors towards which have thus far been unsuccessful).


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