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Title: Lacuna
Author Name & Publisher: A.M. Dailey
Publication Date & Length:December 1st 2015 – 365 pages


The ascension of the Terah has ravaged the Earth and plunged humanity into a horrifying existence. Humans struggle to survive in the few remaining cities beside Mechi, artificially intelligent beings whose most recent models are indistinguishable from their human creators, and the Ezri, a race of humanoid alien life whose descent to Earth changed the future of humankind forever.

Caden is number 508349, and has lived a comfortable and privileged life as the son of a wealthy corporate bigwig, kept safe from the dangers of life outside of Belen. An inexplicable restlessness leads Caden to pursue Earth’s lost past in cities other than his own and in the dusty words of suppressed history books.

Together with his streetwise friends, Mikas and Blue, Caden learns to navigate the shadowed world of the Underground Streets as he searches for answers to the questions left by his recurring nightmares.

When a series of catastrophic events leads to an encounter with a mysterious stranger, Caden is drawn unwittingly into a decades long war for freedom. As he struggles to accept his place in his rapidly changing reality, Caden is given insight into his true nature, allowing him to finally take the leap of faith he needs to reclaim his identity and freedom.

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So while I really liked where this author was going with this world she created I have to be honest and say this was just so confusing trying to keep up with everything going on and who was what. There was really just so many times I was left scratching my head so confused on what exactly was going on in this book.

There was also very little romance in this book but there was a lot of action. There are three friends Blue, Caden and Mika which you get POV’s from all of them and there was one scene between two of them that I have to say I really was not a huge fan of. It was more for personal reasons which I cant go into without spoiling this book which I really do not want to give anything away and ruin this book for anyone else so I will leave this review with… While I did like some parts of this world and story. I was just really confused with some many parts of this book and what was going on in this world. So I am sad to say this book was just not for me….



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A.M. Daily is a LGBT writer who lives with her human partner and her feline partner in beautiful Arizona.
She writes M/M romance within a variety of genres including (but not limited to); contemporary fiction, historical fiction, and science fiction.
Lacuna is her debut novel.



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