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Title: Johnny Two-Guns
Author Name & Publisher: Mark Wildyr (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 18th , 2016 — 200 pages


When vacationing Denver architect Roger Mackie rolls into a quaint old trading post in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountain Range to gas up his car, it’s the start of a life-changing journey. Lean, handsome Chippewa Johnny Two-Guns is looking for a ride. He’s on a mission to recover some clan treasures. Roger is immediately smitten and drives Johnny all the way to Arizona.

Although the two successfully build a friendship, Roger is unable to initiate the intimacy they both seem to desire. A second visit gives Roger another chance to draw Johnny out of his shell. The payoff is spectacular, leading to a week of sex and discovery, during which Johnny’s innocent enthusiasm shows Roger a new side of love between men. But trouble is on the horizon for the new couple, as fate seems set against them. And what does the sudden appearance of sexy young architect Brad Beaver portend for the future?

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OMG, this book…this book took a twisted turn that I HATED. HATED!! *cries*
Roger was an architect on vacation when he met Johnnie Two-Guns, a good looking, shy and quiet young adult. He agreed to give Johnnie a ride and he falls for him. *cries a river*
I gotta warn people, this book…it’s bittersweet. Actually, the book was ruined for me after what happened to Johnnie. I was soooooo freakin’ mad and upset. I fumed for a whole week, I was so mad. My poor Johnnie. Poor Roger.
I don’t care that Roger was able to move on with a new love interest…I DON’T CARE. I was so mad that I wrote a message to Inked Rainbow Reads, telling them that the book should be labeled as Bittersweet or something. I would have given it lower than 3 stars, but I couldn’t cause any book that brings out emotions in me can’t be rated lower than a 3. But I was tempted. Thinking about it now…I’m mad all over again.


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Born and raised in southeastern Oklahoma, I am an Albuquerque writer of gay erotic fiction. One day, I picked up a book someone had left on a table at a bookstore, one for which my rural upbringing had not prepared me. It was hardcore erotica. Nonetheless, I read a couple of the short stories and decided I could write stories like that–and certainly better than the two I had read in that book, neither of which had a narrative beyond what was necessary to string one sexual escapade together with another.

So I wrote down the name and address of the publisher, went home, and wrote a story. The publisher bought that story and eleven others, none of which were ever published because of a legal dispute that essentially closed the business down. I know nothing of the details of the suit that was filed except that it prevented publication of my first sales. Nonetheless, I had been paid for them, so I was now a “professional” author. That was in 2001.

I immediately submitted other stories to other publishers who not only bought, but published my work. I had found my niche. Since then, I’ve sold about sixty of them to various publishing houses. Along the way, STARbooks Press has also published a novella and three novels. They have also has agreed to two additional novels, one due out in Spring 2014 and the other in Autumn 2014.

My short story erotica covers a broad range of types: mystery, adventure, love, fantasy, sci-fi, military, police, sport… and probably some others. Much of my work explores the sexual discovery process and often involved cross-cultural relationships. Native American cultures and their approach to “Two Spirits” particularly fascinate me.

I consider my books CUT HAND and RIVER OTTER to be historical novels more than gay erotica. Between the two, they span the 19th Century from 1832 to 1870, a period that encompasses the rapid expansion of Europeans into the Dakota Territory, until then considered to belong to the Indians. It also covers the entire duration of the American Civil War, and the effects that conflict had on the tribes. They also explore the difference between the way many native cultures view homosexuality. Man-love was considered sinful and an abomination to the Anglos, who viewed queers and fags and berdaches with fear and loathing. Such conduct was often a death sentence among the dominant culture. On the other hand, winktes, two-faces, and two-spirits were often accorded places of honor among some of the tribes. At the least, they were permitted to lead lives according to their nature, not what others deemed what their nature should be. A third in the series to be released in Spring 2014, ECHOES OF THE FLUTE continues the story line up through 1890, the end of the major Indian Wars.

THE VICTOR AND THE VANQUISHED is a contemporary story of a young man dealing with his gay nature and pulling himself out of poverty, alcoholism, and abuse. CHARLEY BLACKBEAR, due out in the Fall of 2014, approaches these issues from a different perspective.

After a three-year stint in the US Army (one glorious year of it spent in Germany), I took up art. Thereafter, I spent my free time painting. I even sold a few canvases for modest amounts. But eventually, I realized painting a landscape or a still life was not a relaxing pastime for me. To the contrary, the closer a canvas came to completion, the tenser I became.

I have always written, but not always in a focused way. Because of a childhood health problem, I spent many summers at the library doing research on other cultures—usually Native American—and putting the information into long themes or dissertations. Then I started making up stories based on my findings. In college, I majored in Government and History, and I have been a lifelong history buff.


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