3 Stars for His Blue Eyes (Kaos Chronicles #1) by Arden L. Kitze #MM #Fantasy


Title: His Blue Eyes (Kaos Chronicles #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Arden L. Kitze (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 28, 2015 –  253 pgs


Being the prodigy of Dictator Nicholai Cason makes Ariel a loyal ally of the Union—and that loyalty is set firmly in stone. When the Union tasks him with spying on the Liberators, he soon encounters one of their most capable members: Vivian Grant, who not only engenders trust in Ariel against all reason, but seems strangely familiar…

But those who are not loyal to the Union are considered treasonous, and all traitors must die, and Ariel isn’t certain one Liberator, no matter how compelling, is worth his life and the new opportunities awaiting him at the end of his mission.

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 So I will be honest and say parts of this book I had a hard time wrapping my head around. Some things were just to far out there for me unfortunately. Also as much as I liked the world this author created I had a really hard time finishing this book.. Sadly it just did not grab me.
You get Ariel who is a Union member in their world and then there was Vivian who is a liberator. So with out getting to much into this and giving away a lot of spoilers they both come different factions and Ariel goes undercover to infiltrate the Liberators. While there he continually breaks Vivian’s trust and Vivian just forgives him. That was another part I just did not get. So this is were I will say sadly this book was just not for me… There was just too much that did not add up to me so I was left feeling a little confused.



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Arden L. Kitze has done nothing but write since the eighth grade. From writing about warlocks, psychologists, and assassins, to exploring the worlds of gods and even stranger beings, she has found her home in the arms of fantasy and action m/m stories.

When she isn’t huddled up in front of her computer, she is trying to make it through school or procrastinating. She enjoys psychology, mythology, reading, and acting.


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