3 stars for Grow Wild by K. M. Penemue #FF #Western @LT3Press

grow wild

Title: Grow Wild
Author Name: K. M. Penemue
Publication Date & Length: March 18, 2015 — 64 pages


Josie has been drifting from town to town for years, surviving on whatever work she can find. When she rolls into Rio Plato, however, it’s not work she’s hunting, but an old enemy.

Dahlia Wheeler owns the Sentimental Lady saloon and brothel, where Josie stays. But though Josie feels the pull between her and Dahlia, she refuses to get involved and risk dragging Dahlia into her plans for revenge and the aimless life she leads—assuming she doesn’t wind up with a noose around her neck.

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I received this book from Inked.Rainbow in exchange for an honest review.
A pleasant novelette that  gave an enjoyable hour or so of acceptable reading. Good description of life in the old west from a female perceptive.
Aptly titled this is a gentle love story of a young woman catching up with her past and securing her future.
I feel this tale could have benefited from more in depth information and development of the plot, however if you just want an easy read with a fitting end then this novel will suffice.


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