3 Stars for Dion’s Redemption by J.D. Walker #MM


Title: Dion’s Redemption
Author Name & Publisher: J.D. Walker (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: December 30, 2015


Twenty years ago, eighteen-year-old Dion Doukas did unthinkable things to protect his brother Dimitry, who was born with Down Syndrome. Today, he’s still haunted by those choices. The owner of a low-rent apartment building, Dion spends most of his days dealing with delinquent tenants, drug addicts and less than stellar employees. Then he runs into Nolan Flannigan.

Nolan would do anything for his dying grandfather, and Dion, recognizing a kindred spirit, decides not to throw the senior Mr. Flannigan out on the street because of unpaid rent. Despite their rough start, the two men forge an awkward friendship, and Nolan begins to see just how closed off Dion really is—and that he’ll never get through those barriers unless Dion is willing to open up and let him in.

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So with this book Dion has had to do things that are not great so he can make sure they both survive.

Now I have to say I really did not like Dion’s characters in this book. He comes of mean from the start and really never redeems himself to me through this book.

Then I really do not know anything about Nolan because you really do not learn a lot about him.. So I do not know what I feel about this character.

Now I liked the authors pretense of this story but unfortunately I really did not like the main character even though what he does for his brother was awesome his whole attitude I was really not a fan of.

So I am sad to say this Novella was just not for me…



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J.D. Walker likes to keep her stories short and sweet, with the occasional novel or novella. A multi-published author, she is also a musician, artist, language enthusiast (German and Spanish), and lover of all things knit and crochet.


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