3 Stars for Deadly is the Female (Proud to be a Vampire) by Laura Huntley @LT3Press

Deadly is the Female - cover

Title: Deadly is the Female (Proud to be a Vampire)
Author Name & Publisher: Laura Huntley (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 23, 2013 – 62pgs


Tenebrae lives for the hunt, but is often distracted by a pretty face, much to the chagrin of her friend Mortifera. To the outside world they are head of an elite boarding school for young women, but by night they are a family of vampires who stalk their prey with brutal glee.

When one of their own is captured and burned by a mob of local men, Tenebrae vows revenge at any cost—even putting them all in greater danger.

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This story was a steady run of dark humor and just enough intensity to keep it moving forward. The plot had a few interesting twists that raised my eyebrows and made me say ‘Oh, well how about that?’. The collection of supporting characters were a mix of hilarious, dark, dangerous and quirky and each had their own little part to play. A quick read with enough to keep me interested I would have liked it to be longer but enjoyed it for what it is.



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Laura is a writer from Yorkshire, England. Her first novel, Black Eyed Boy, will be published in 2015. Her short stories, flash fiction and poetry are included in several anthologies.



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