3 Stars for A Woman Scorned by Rachel Frank @LT3Press


Title: A Woman Scorned
Author Name & Publisher: Rachel Frank (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 18, 2015 – 58 pgs


Once a maidservant to a rich lord’s daughter, Aurelia now spends her days on a much more indulgent career: killing worthless men for gold. When she is offered a rewarding rescue job, she expects it to be a challenge but still manageable.

But the job is shrouded in mystery and brings with it long-buried memories. The woman she is being paid to rescue may end up being the greatest challenge she’s ever faced…

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A lovely imaginative tale. A very strong, powerful and charismatic lead. A women fighting against the injustices she feels women have to succumb to. Aurelia is entrancing with a dangerous side that only adds to her appeal.
At times I  did find the plot a little disorganized and at other times I would have liked to see more details given, but it is an enjoyable tale and I am sure we will hear more from this burgeoning author.


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