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Title: A Guy’s Thanksgiving (The Guy #3.5)
Author Name & Publisher: Skylar M. Cates (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 4, 2015 – 136 pgs


Two proposals. One giant dog. Reunited lovers.

Welcome to Glamour, Arizona, where the holidays are never dull. Glamour may be a small town, but the surprises keep coming.

Everybody’s looking forward to Thanksgiving. Only Mac Sharma is a reluctant guest. Even as Anthony and Dean make him feel welcome at the Carrino table, Mac feels awkward among the close-knit group of friends. Life gets even more complicated when Conor Harvey shows up in town.

Mac has been in love with Conor since his university days. Too bad Conor broke his heart—right before he fled to his hometown in Ireland without explanation. Conor’s still a wild artist and as sexy as Mac remembers. But they’re no longer kids. This Thanksgiving, Mac must decide if he can give Conor a second chance.

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This book was just too confusing for me.  I have not read any of the previous stories and maybe with those, I would have had a better understanding of the dynamics in this story.  For me, this story had so much going on – I felt like I had been thrown in to a party where I knew nobody, but they all knew each other.

You have 4 main couples.  Anthony and Dean are foster parents and are married.  They seem down to earth and happy. Then you have Aaron and Jesse and they both are trying to figure out the perfect way to ask the other to marry them.  Henry and Locke happen in to Apollo, a rescue Great Dane and finally, you have Mac and Connor, who are reunited.

I think this story was more about Aaron and Jesse than anyone.  Their worry of the others’ reaction – will they say yes?  I found this to be super cute.  I really liked the dynamic between Aaron and Jesse.

As for Mac and Connor – I just didn’t feel the development of the story.  They had a relationship before, it went wrong, they were poor communicators – which makes sense since they were so young.  Their union was just a blip in this story and I think their story would have been much more solid had they had their own book, without all the other stories going on.



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