3 Star Review for Where Loyalties Lie by Logan Taylor #MM #Romance @LT3Press

CoverTitle: Where Loyalties Lie
Author Name & Publisher: Logan Taylor (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 9, 2016 – 89 pgs


When his homeland is conquered by invading barbarians, Nessir winds up not dead, but instead serving the new kings much as he once served his own. Though at first he is terrified of what they will do, across the palace and through the kingdom Abaidas and Ophion swiftly begin to make improvements their predecessor neglected. And though a married man should be off limits, Nessir finds himself falling for Abaidas anyway—and astonished when the interest proves to be mutual, and to learn that Ophion has no objections to Abaidas taking a lover.

But just as Nessir is settling into his strange, new life, he stumbles across an assassination plot—a plot he can speak of for fear of his sister’s life, unless he can convey it in a way that will not get him caught. In an act of desperation, he throws himself at Ophion, and under guise of being lovers the two work to protect the man they both love. And all the while Nessir tries to ignore the growing wish that Ophion’s affections were not merely a ruse…

Note: This story contains m/m/m

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Let’s start off with the bad of this story.. I felt like there couldn’t been a bit more background/world building done at the beginning of the story to help the reader understand what setting/world we are going into and without it I stumbled a bit trying to figure out what time period we were in or what was going on at first.
On to the good… I really liked the story of the men’s relationship and how it built on a slow burn. It was sweet and there was a lot of fun mixed in with the murder plot and all that was going on in the kingdom after the takeover.
I felt like there was a really good plot there and the way Nessir went about trying to help protect his king was great, but I think that there was a lot of emotions and feeling and scenes that were left out and that made it hard to relate to the characters as much as one normally would. Which I’m sad to say because it could’ve potentially been so much better.
However, in the end, I do have to note that the writing style was good and was nice to read, so that is a huge saving grace to me as that is so often not the case. The rest could easily be address since the writing and skill is already there.


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