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CoverTitle: Tangled Web
Author Name & Publisher: S.A. Ozment (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: May 18, 2016 – 56 pgs


By day Ashley Stevens is a dedicated nurse; by night he runs multiple social media sites for his crush and all-time favorite actor, Sebastian Gray. After a particularly grueling day at work, Ashley drinks away his misery while dreaming about being with Sebastian—only to realize it’s no dream when Sebastian actually contacts him.

Sebastian asks him to officially run his sites and Ashley is thrilled—right up until Sebastian makes it clear that he thinks Ashley is a girl. And maybe it’s the wine, or maybe it’s a fear that if Sebastian knew the truth, he wouldn’t want him, but Ashley never sets him straight. But keeping the secret becomes a nightmare as Ashley and Sebastian talk online night after night, forging a true connection. And the longer Ashley waits to tell the truth, the more tangled the lies become.

A plane ticket from Sebastian along with an invitation to meet in New York City for a fan event brings it all to a head. Ashley must face Sebastian and tell all, but he might not be the only one keeping secrets.

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ThreeStarMy description of this book is that is a short story about what lies can do to a friendship and to a possible relationship.

I found this book to be interesting. I liked the characters Ashley and Sebastian both. Their friendship started over the web and started with each misleading the other. Ashley mislead Sebastian into thinking he was a girl and Sebastian mislead Ashley into thinking he is straight. As all lies do, these lies came to a head and destroyed what they had built over the five months they had been talking.

The theory behind this story was really good but I felt there could have been so much more to this story. I enjoyed the concept of how lies will destroy relationships but I honestly felt we did not get to know the characters as well as we should have.

But with that being said. I still enjoyed this story. Like I said I really liked each of the characters. And I liked how they connected over the Internet and became friends. I just really wish we would have found out more about what happened after the lies came out and the reconnected. It ended a little quickly and has the ability to be such an amazing story.



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S.A. Ozment was born and raised in North Carolina. From the time she was born she had stars in her eyes. Being shipped off to college rather than heading to Broadway (which was her dream) put a damper on her bright lights/big city dream.

However, she was still drawn to the world of entertainment. Over the years, when she wasn’t working as an accountant,S.A. was promoting different actors and singers via social media, (some officially, some not so officially).

Working with celebrities sometimes allowed her to see “behind the scenes” and after deciding to share some of her experiences, she wrote her first book, “Illusions”.

Most nights, you will find her curled up with her laptop writing or promoting someone. Unless “The Walking Dead” or “Outlander” is on and then you will find her in front of the television.

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