3 Star Review for Past Time by Lily Verlaine #FF @Lily_Verlaine

CoverTitle: Past Time
Author Name: Lily Verlaine
Publication Date & Length: February 10, 2015 – 473 pgs


Who is Michaela, and what dark secret may she yet uncover?
A dark Gothic tale of obsession, madness, and awakened sexuality. Michaela is a dull by her own admission Victorian girl, living in a sleepy village, on industrial Manchester’s doorstep. Once she enters Larch Wood Hall, her life will never be the same again. Entering into the greatest of adventures that cross back and forth across two centuries, in search of a woman she once loved and still does. Along the way she encounters a hidden side of Manchester’s underworld and discovers her feelings for women are not at all uncommon, becomes a drag king and a wife to another woman! A dark fantasy with many twists and turns, which should keep the reader guessing until the very end.

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I did find the formatting of  this book made it difficult for me to concentrate on the actual plot and any conversations.
It did have a rather ephemeral feel and the author had obviously done her research regarding the type of clothing worn during both periods. The language and colloquialisms  used  were in accurate keeping with the period. Together this really added to the dark and mysterious atmosphere and were an obvious credit to the penmanship of Ms Verlaine.
Unfortunately  I found the pace rather slow and lacking in excitement  and becoming rather mundane at times.


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