3 Star Review for Death Comes Darkly by David S. Pederson #MM #Historical

CoverTitle: Death Comes Darkly
Author Name & Publisher: David S. Pederson (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: April 1, 2016 – 240 pgs


Can a detective and a policeman find love amidst murder? Heath Barrington is an attractive, clever, big city detective, confident, strong, and crazy about police officer Alan Keyes. Down-to-earth, noble, and naïve, Alan struggles with his desires for Heath versus 1940s America and his guilty conscience.

Heath’s skills of deduction and reasoning are put to the test as he and Alan work together to solve the murder of an eccentric millionaire in his mysterious, isolated estate. They search for clues and uncover long buried secrets of the weekend guests while keeping secrets of their own.

It’s up to Heath to solve the mystery and convince Alan that some secrets aren’t worth keeping, and lust can lead to love.

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Hmm, this book reminds me of that game Clue, which was also a movie. It’s a “who done it” mystery and Heath Barrington, big city detective, is right in the middle of it. He gets invited to some rich big wigs house and boom, there’s a murder mystery that happens a little later than usual in the book. Now, the writing was great, it had a classic detective 1940’s feel to it. I’m just bummed that there wasn’t much romance. Yeah, Heath’s secret boyfriend Officer Alan was there, but since they had to keep their relationship in the down low, I didn’t get enough romance. Yeah, I get that it’s the 1940s. Still, there were more than 2 gay men in this story.
This book I’d recommend to mystery buffs. I wouldn’t go into reading this expecting a lot of romancing going on. I liked them though and wish there would be more Heath and Alan time if there’s another book.


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David S. Pederson was born in Leadville, Colorado, where his father was a miner. Soon after, the family relocated to Wisconsin, where David grew up, attending high school and university, majoring in business and creative writing. Landing a job in retail, he found himself relocating to New York, Massachusetts, and eventually back to Wisconsin, where he currently lives with his longtime partner, and works in the furniture and decorating business.

He has written many short stories and poetry and is passionate about mysteries, old movies, and crime novels. When not reading, writing, or working in the furniture business, David also enjoys working out and studying classic ocean liners, floor plans, and historic homes.

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