3.5 Stars for Yes, Chef by Alex Cohen #M/M #Romance @LT3Press


Title: Yes, Chef
Author Name & Publisher: Alex Cohen (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: January 27th 2016- 90 pages


Nothing is more important to Diego than his kitchen. He’s dedicated to his job running one of the top restaurants in town and doesn’t have time for relationships. Then the boss, building on the restaurant’s success, brings in Ben. He’s young, hot, and not nearly as unlikeable as Diego wishes.

But between the distance of age and the old wounds both men are still nursing, it may be easier if Diego gives up on making something other than his kitchen the center of his world.

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Diego is still licking his wounds from his break up with his last boyfriend. A man who manipulated most of Diego’s everyday life for many years. Diego also doesn’t know how to be in a relationship after all this time. To ease his pain, Diego throws himself into his work. He closes himself off to everyone around him. Diego finds Ben very attractive but can’t seem to get past the almost 20-year difference in age between them. When A couple of the other guys at the restaurant start flirting with Ben, Diego becomes jealous. But it’s still not enough for him to make his move. Until one night when his ex shows his face and reminds Diego of everything he’s about to lose.

Ben lived with his Mom in California all his life. She has just passed away from cancer. She was the only family he had other than his Uncle Evan and his wife. Ben’s uncle offers him a job at his restaurant in Minnesota so he can be closer to the only family he has left. Ben begins to make friends at the restaurant easily. He enjoys going out with the gang after their shifts are over. The night Diego’s ex shows up, Ben can’t believe this is the guy holding Diego back. When Ben announces he’s going to move away Diego does everything in his power to get him to stay.



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Alex lives just outside Minneapolis, MN with an entire gaggle of dependents. Alex is an artist of many stripes and is happiest when creating something whether it be drawing, painting, writing or photography. Very active in animal rescue, Alex is that friend who’s always asking you if you need a new dog or cat.


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