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Title: Written in Stone
Author Name & Publisher: David Connor (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 2, 2016 – 79 pgs


(After the end of a bad relationship and the death of his dog, Geoffrey is left with a choice: live the rest of his life alone or start over. But starting over is easier said than done, and alone in the woods one night Geoffrey writes those very words on a rock.

To his surprise, when he returns later he discovers someone has replied. The lengthy written conversation that ensues over days leaves Geoffrey less lonely, and also quite hopeful and intrigued about the future and the identity of his mysterious new friend.

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This was a cute little story about recovering from loss and realizing that it’s never to late to find the one meant for you.
While I found the story interesting and couldn’t wait to find out who was behind the writing on the stone. I did find other aspects of the story a bit confusing. Like -time passing and sometimes how events were being done. For example, there is writing back and forth on thestone and I wasn’t exactly sure who was who and then how that was being turned into something productive for work as it said it was inthe story.
There was also a bit too much story there for it being a short. Things were thrown in, like having a physically abusive ex, but not enough time to really expand on it so it only seemed to be an after thought when it could’ve been so much more.
However, overall I liked the themes and writing style and the underlining points so it was a good story.


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(David Connor lives in a small town in New York with his dog, Max and a cat named Mrs. Fat Pants. His grade school English teacher, after reading one of David’s stories, suggested David write for As the World Turns someday. Books, magazine articles (including the soap mags), the stage, and even radio, he has done just about everything except write for daytime TV. He is still hopeful –as long as there are still some left.

David’s vivid imagination refuses to shut down even when he sleeps. His dream life is far more interesting than his real life, and is often the genesis of plot lines for his stories. If you’d like to contact him, look him up on Facebook. He will update his status after his nap.

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