3.5 Stars for Tools of Change (The Dreaming #2) by Jamie Samms and Sarah Masters @totally_bound


Title: Tools of Change
Author Name & Publisher: Jaime Samms and Sarah Masters (Totally Bound Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: July 2015 – Super Novel


Just when they thought the nightmares couldn’t get worse, they realized they weren’t sleeping.

Barry and Tag hoped that even with Barry’s Dreams still keeping them on the hunt for murderous criminals, they might find some peace in their new home together. The rest of the Team has their back and they all have their assigned roles—whether they like it or not—so it should be easy.

With Tag away on business and newest Team member, Jason, emotionally shattered after his break-up with long-time lover Daniel, they soon find that if the wicked don’t rest, neither do those tasked with bringing them to justice. When the Dreams start to go on the fritz and Jason seeks out the company of a vicious and sinister Dom named Karrick, it seems all hell is about to break loose.

It will be up to the Team to sort out friend from foe on their own. The veterans of The Dreaming are forced to follow and their untried partners thrust into the lead, they will have to learn how to get along, and how to use their talents without otherworldly help if they hope to stay alive long enough to figure out what’s going on.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of hot wax play, BDSM, dubious consent, and graphic descriptions of torture and murder victims.

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This book was somewhat hard for me to follow – it might be a little due to the fact that I had not read book 1 by the time I read book 2, however, I don’t think that was the entirety of the situation.

This book seemed somewhat drawn out for me.  I wish there had more development between the characters and less back and forth between their leader.

I did enjoy the dynamic between Daniel and Jase, but I also liked the dynamic between Jase and Karrick.  Despite Karrick’s mistreatment of Jase, I felt that it did add a great depth to the story as well as to Jase’s already strong character.

All of the players in this book were integral and while I like the idea behind this book, I found it somewhat strangely executed.

I believe my favorite characters in this whole book were Graham and Daniel.  Both were easy to like for me.  I loved how strong Daniel was for Jase and I really liked how Graham stirred the mix up even more.

I think I could like this series, but it might be one where I have to read it more than once to really like it.



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Jaime Samms

With most of the hours in the day taken up by a part time job and the full time occupation of raising and schooling two kids, writing is somewhat of an indulgence, but it’s the indulgences that keep us sane, right? When not otherwise occupied, like most writers, reading is my relaxation method of choice, and you can find my reviews at Kuriousity.com and Dark Diva Reviews to let you know what I liked (and occasionally, what I didn’t). And just in case there are an extra few minutes in the day, I also help out the admin team abelong to a writer’s critique group: Dreaming in Ink. After all, idle hands and all that.

Sarah Masters

Sarah Masters is one of three pen names I write under. Sarah mainly writes m/m. Natalie Dae writes het erotica, while the third, Charley Oweson, writes thriller/horror/suspense books with no sex.


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