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Title: The House on the Cliff
Author Name: Jade Astor
Publication Date & Length: April 20, 2015 – 200pgs


A small-engine repair degree can only get you so far in a seaside tourist town—just ask Noah Camden. But his luck takes a turn when he stops to help a man change a tire. Obviously wealthy, the man offers Noah a job at the imposing manor, Cliff House. Noah is to care for the man’s vehicles and chauffeur the man’s son, Tristan Peterson, for the summer. Tristan is afraid to drive because of a mysterious accident–and no one will tell Noah the details.

Though the young men come from vastly different social backgrounds, Tristan and Noah slowly bond. One day Tristan confesses the truth: his first love, Martin Praxley, an estate handyman, was killed in the accident. Tristan believes Martin’s ghost is haunting him, bent on revenge. Noah vows to figure out what really happened, how it’s possible Martin is back from the dead to torment Tristan, and how they can find peace and happiness together with the secrets of Cliff House looming over them.

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Last night I dreamt I went to Cliff House again?

Almost. This is a wonderfully eerie modern gothic story.

I liked the cast of characters, I enjoyed the suspense and I loved the way the author referenced so many classic Victorian Gothic stories in a very modern way.

The central characters were well crafted – blue collar Noah is a modern Jane Eyre, an innocent caught up in the complicated plots and machinations of the wealthy Petersons, their friends and acquaintances. Rich boy Tristan is an enigma – even to himself.

Some characters were obviously villainous from the outset and others were more surprising and more complex. I guessed the ending quite quickly, which was slightly disappointing, and I didn’t ever really fall for Tristan.



Hm, where to start with this review? I liked the story. I thought the characters were a little flat, but the overall story was well thought out.  Unfortunately, also, it was predictable.  I knew, less than half way through the book, where the story was heading and the “who done it” part was over.
I really disliked Adrian from the beginning.  Lloyd, he was just trying to protect his son, despite Tristan’s unwillingness to accept his help.  Then you have Ryder and Sophia – not really sure where these two fit exactly, it seemed almost like an afterthought that the author wanted more characters.
Noah and Tristan were good characters, but I wish they had been more developed in their own self and within the relationship.  Tristan trusted so quickly that it seems a little less genuine to me.  And Noah, while he is skeptical from the beginning, I think that his character was a little like Adrian where he wanted to see what would happen – I found myself wanting Noah to be more a man of action.
Overall, it was a decent story, but just not great.


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Jade Astor is a longtime fan of both paranormal and
male-male love stories. She was delighted to find a thriving
community of like-minded writers and readers in the ebook
industry. Moon Lake Wolves is her first trilogy to be
published by Silver.

When she is not writing, Jade enjoys sculpting,
tinkering with computers, and training (and retraining) her
small herd of unruly but adorable rescued Chihuahuas.


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