3.5 Stars for The Bridge: Traitor (The Bridge #2) by Erik Shubach #FF @erikshchubach


Title: The Bridge: Traitor (The Bridge #2)
Author Name: Erik Schubach
Publication Date & Length: January 23, 2015 – 206 pgs


Murder and mayhem ensue in the city when a Troll is murdered. There is discord in the supernatural world in Cincinnati when the Trolls find there is a traitor in their ranks and Evangeline Kane is the prime suspect.

A rift in the ranks of the city’s champions is formed that threatens to descend into rebellion.

On the run from the sentinels of the city, the Triumvirate, and the mortal police. Evangeline must fight against time to clear her name while protecting the gateways of two bridges.

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This book is about a sexy troll–hey, wait, where are you going? Hear me out. Evangeline Kane is a sexy troll who, through no fault of her own, guards a bridge in Cincinnati.
Fans of Erik will recognize Kane as another charming and sarcastic heroine, tough as nails on the bridge (literally!), soft at heart when it comes to her lover, the Ice Queen.
The urban fantasy world-building is exquisite. Trolls and faeries and gargoyles and otherkin. Since this is the second book in a series, the world feels settled, and real. Reading the first book is not required. He fills in the gaps adeptly.
The book is a pleasant and funny read, typical Erik style.
My main quibble is that this is set in Cincinnati, just like the Hollows series, which brings up witchy comparisons. Is this a tribute? Is this an overlap? Are the bridges just that amazing?
C.E. Case


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