3.5 stars for The Bewitching Hour by Literary Stud @literarystud #FF #EroticRomance

The Bewitching Hour

Title: The Bewitching Hour
Author Name: Literary Stud
Publication Date & Length: May 3, 2015 – 3,000 words


Meet Mac and Sofia. A chance encounter at an overcrowded Lesbian club sets them on a path neither can deny. Sofia believes in following rules and Mac is happy to oblige until both fall under the spell of the bewitching hour.

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 ThreeandHalfStarsThis was a very sweet, short and sensual piece. I Loved the set up, butch and femme, and relationship but no relationship. It was written well in terms of feeling and action. I did struggle through some parts in figuring out who was who and mixing up pronouns. A good editor should be able to fix that.


This is a very short read. I think it took me all of twenty minutes to get through it, so it’s hard to write a review without spoilers. It’s steamy, it’s endearing and it was well worth my time.


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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Literary Stud has honed her craft since she could form sentences. At the age of eight, she presented her mother with a short story about the funny people living in her head. Instead of committing her to a mental institution, her mother encouraged her writing and remains an avid supporter to this day. Writing became her reason for breathing but the work she produced only satisfied mainstream society. Eleven years later, Literary Stud realized her sexuality and she was no longer comfortable writing the accepted romance and the characters began to mimic the world around her.

Literary Stud has written several short stories showcasing Lesbians of color. Most feature various circumstances in Lesbian relationships with believable characters that remind you of close friends. Literary Stud brings grown and sexy to life in the serial story Maxi’s Place by weaving realistic tales of Lesbian culture. Good food, good music and good company are the ingredients for an unforgettable night at Maxi’s Place. The atmosphere is comfortable, with a healthy share of regular patrons. If only the customers knew what happened in the background of this bustling restaurant – drama, deceit and maybe a little love.


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