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Title: Stay
Author Name & Publisher: Alexa Milne (Totally Bound)
Publication Date & Length: July 28, 2015 – 53 pgs


An act of kindness is never wasted.

Ben Harwood loves his grandmother. When he visits her in the hospital, another old lady, Ivy, expresses a longing for an orange, so Ben, who works in a supermarket, takes her oranges the next day.

Later, after attending his grandmother’s funeral, he discovers that Ivy has died too, and decides to pay his respects. There, he meets Ivy’s grandson, Martin Riley, and the attraction is instant. To his amazement, Ben finds he has become a bit of a hero to the Riley family, who have traveled over from America. For Martin, Ben breaks his three-date rule more than once. Is this simply a holiday romance with great sex, or can he and Martin build something more permanent?

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This is a short, sweet story. Ben and Martin’s grandmother’s share a hospital ward and they meet at Martin’s grandmother’s funeral. The attraction is instant and author even manages to make funeral sex somewhat vaguely tasteful.

Like most romantic short stories, the relationship races ahead at full speed. The characters navigate continents, families and careers very quickly. This is a lovely romance, but I didn’t really fall for the men or fully believe in the relationship. I feel the book needed more character development and more space for the relationship to develop. There is enough material for a full novel here and many passages I’d love to see expanded.


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Originally from South Wales, Alexa has lived for over thirty years in the North West of England. Now retired, after a long career in teaching, she devotes her time to her obsessions.

Alexa began writing when her favourite character was killed in her favourite show. After producing a lot of fanfiction she ventured into original writing.

She is currently owned by a mad cat and spends her time writing about the men in her head, watching her favourite television programmes and usually crying over her favourite football team.

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