3.5 Stars for Species of Guy and Other Party Tales by J.P. Maines – #MM


Title: Species of Guy and Other Party Tales
Author Name: J.P. Maines
Publication Date & Length: November 27, 2014 – 83 pgs


Fashion-worshipping, coffee-obsessed extreme-queen Peter London chronicles his juicy sexual conquests in an outrageous and hilarious series of ‘party tales’!

Peter London’s been there, done that, done them. Turns out, there’s a lot of different species of ‘guy’ out there, and Peter, or one of his social circle, have ticked them all off, so he’s here today to chronicle these men in a hysterical series of ‘party tales’!

From steamy writer J.P. Maines comes a hilarious, outrageous, deliciously gossip-laden and downright sexy collection of smutty escapades about the thrills and spills of the dreaded hunt for ‘The Ultimate Guy’, certain to leave your eyes watering, and have you giggling long after lights out.

Honey, you have been warned!



I have mixed feelings about this short series of vignettes. On the one hand, it was a fascinating read, sometimes poignant and sometimes hilarious. On the other, the collection of essays wasn’t my usual writing style. That’s not a complaint, just personal preference.

What struck me was how universal the observations were by the narrator, Peter. It’s easy to assume that navigating relationships is vastly different. In one sense, that’s true–experiences are unique to the pool of people we’re interested in. At the same time, the underlying feelings aren’t really all that different, nor are the behaviors of the players. That’s both disappointing and encouraging.

Although I enjoyed it for the most part, it did come across as a bit cynical and judgmental. It’s hard to say whether this is a function of British humor, the particular style of the author, or simply unique to the “voice” of the narrator. In any case, I the average reader should be aware of that. I was also a bit put off by yet another negative reference and set of assumptions about bisexuality. Authors do need to be far more careful that their own opinions don’t leak into their writing as “fact.”

I found it to be a reasonably entertaining read. 3.5 stars


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