3.5 Stars for One Breath Brings Death by John Charles #MM #Mystery @ipengreatbooks


Title: One Breath Brings Death
Author Name: John Charles
Publication Date & Length: April 24, 2015 – 131 pgs


In One Breath Brings Death, the second Aaron Jaycynth Mystery, Aaron is thrust
into the underworld of murder, arson, and fraud.

Someone is systematically targeting the directors of Remedcon Pharmaceuticals.
Gillert Taylor’s car explodes, Ian Fachan’s house bursts into flames, a deadly smoke
bomb floods the Remedcon lobby in thick black clouds.

Notes left at each crime scene advise Taylor to tell the truth or more people will get hurt.

While investigating the Remedcon arsons, Aaron finds himself at a crossroad in his personal
life, when a former colleague wants to become his submissive. Aaron is dragged into the
dark side of the BDSM world of torture, pain and domination as they investigate the fantasy
world his sub desires.

This thrill-ride takes Aaron deep into the world of corporate conspiracy and abuse while his
private life plunges to depths he had only heard about.



This story was a little strange.  The mystery part of this story was engaging and well planned out.  It had good intrigue and while the end had its own twist, I found that aspect of the book to be very well done.
The BDSM aspect of this story was out of place for me.  It felt jumbled and thrown in there to create a sexual aspect to the story.  I think that the story would have been much stronger is Justin had been throughout the story rather than this strange mixture of Justin and Barry.
Charles’ mystery was well thought out and while I am usually able to tease out the who done it part, this one kept me guessing.


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Through the years I have enjoyed reading gay themed novels.
Initially I read the typical romance – man meets man, falls in love,
and lives through the conflicts that same sex couples faced.

I started writing gay (male/male) themed novels, using my pen name
John Charles and never looked back. I enjoy the romance aspect that
only two men can have. I find developing a character that is passionate
about his life and the life of his lover is a turn on to many readers as
well as to me. So I try to develop that passion in my books and endeavor
to make each character special.

I was hooked when I discovered the gay themed suspense thriller. I couldn’t
get enough so I took the next step in my writing career. I began writing gay
themed mystery, action adventures.

The plots in my novels come from real life situations. I have always believed
that real life is more interesting than anything a person could make up. So I
listen, keep my eyes open, and let the world give me the ideas that make my
stories believable and interesting.



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