3.5 Stars for Infiltration (After Dark #1) by Jackie D. #F/F


Title: Infiltration (After Dark #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Jackie D (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: December 15th 2015- 240 pages


Gunnery Sergeant Tyler Monroe knows how to do one thing and one thing only, be a Marine. Her future takes a painful turn when a roadside bomb banishes her to the halls of Camp Peary, tasked with teaching a group of prospective CIA analysts hand-to-hand combat, in six short weeks. Recruit Brooke Hart was never in Tyler’s plan, and keeping her at arm’s distance is proving to be her most difficult mission yet.

Tyler unknowingly created an enemy of Michael Thompson the last time she was in Iraq. Michael has now teamed up with a terrorist organization hell-bent on obtaining every bit of confidential CIA information available at Camp Peary. An insider at Camp Peary lights the way for revenge and power. Tyler must protect both her government and her heart, while trying to find a new path.

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I’m really not sure how I feel after this book. Truthfully, I liked the beginning, got a little distracted and lost interest in the middle, and enjoyed the end. How do you really rate that? The two main characters were likable, but for all the depth and backstory they were given, things just never seemed to go further than surface feelings. They were extremely attracted to each other, but Tyler, the Marine instructor, fought tooth and nail against getting involved with Brooke because she felt broken and felt that it was inappropriate to get involved with a student. But when they did finally give in to their feelings, it seemed like there was no resolution of those feelings for Tyler, just a kind of giving in to the inevitable. And her personality just didn’t seem to support that type of folding. I also felt that way about the villain of the book, Thompson. He seemed to be very emotional and passionate about his cause, as well as competent, but then in the actual confrontation he let his personal feelings get in the way of his mission. I’m not sure he could have gotten that far in the first place if that was the way he operated.

I finished the book with good feelings, but it just seemed like it missed a little. Like there was intensity and buildup for a tension-filled climax that just never happened.

Amy P


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Jackie D was born and raised in the San Francisco, East Bay area of California, where she still resides. She earned a bachelor’s degree in recreation administration and a dual master’s degree in management and public administration. She is a Navy veteran and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a flight deck director, onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. She spends her free time with her friends, family, and incredibly needy dogs. She enjoys playing golf but is resigned to the fact she would equally enjoy any sport where drinking beer is encouraged during game play. Infiltration, Book One of the After Dark Series is her first book. She is currently working on the sequel.



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