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In His Sights

Title: In His Sights
Author Name: D.D. Symms
Publication Date: November 21, 2014


Wounds on the inside can be the hardest to heal. Dalton Blake takes responsibility for the death of his comrade and lover when a roadside bomb explodes in Afghanistan.

Back in the states, and preparing to end his military service, Dalton withdraws from society and is prepared to face a new life alone. A perceptive captain on the base notices the pain and tries to find a way to Dalton’s heart and soul.

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This was a very quick read. I really enjoyed the characters. Bruce and Dalton are both healing from loss. They find part of their souls within each other, because they both have been wandering around for a while without that piece of themselves.

Symms wrote a sad story that gave hope to the reader. Hope for more for each of these characters – Hope that they would find themselves again and not simply exist. I think Symms does that in this story. Symms allows the characters the find new life in a new friendship/relationship.



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Writing has been a theme in my life. It’s usually been shorter works and corporate writing.


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