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Title: Forever For Now
Author Name & Publisher: Scotty Cade (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: May 13, 2015 – 79 pgs


Leeland Jeffers is a contented single man with a thriving career in Atlanta. He’s had a few unsuccessful relationships over the years, but no one has even come close to his first love, Harrison Rhinehart. They met in college when a mutual friend, Suzie Garrison, introduced Harry into their close-knit group. When the supposedly “straight” Harry made a move on Lee, the two men entered into a tumultuous secret love affair. In their senior year, the relationship finally ended when Harry informed Lee he was marrying Suzie.

Since graduation, the college friends have drifted apart. However, an unexpected invitation to a destination wedding seems set to reunite them all. Lee’s speculation on whether Harry and Suzie will make an appearance threatens to derail his attendance. But Lee decides the hell with it and makes plans to go, Harry Rhinehart or no Harry Rhinehart.

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I didn’t realize this wasn’t a full length book when I started reading it. I was getting into the story, the characters seemed like people I could actually be friends with in real life too. I love when books deal with men and them never getting over their first love, it just seems so sweet to me. Lee never got over Harry and over the years they have been forced together for a few special occasions with their group of friends. This time is no different, so we think.  I was really hoping for more. It seemed like as soon as Harry got to the wedding destination that the book was over. I mean yeah there was a few hot scenes but man, the book just ended so fast and to easily. It could have been so much better if the book was longer.



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Scotty Cade left Corporate America and twenty-five years of Marketing and PR behind to buy an Inn & Restaurant on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with his husband of sixteen years. He started writing stories as soon as he could read, but only a few years ago for publication. Being a lover of fidelity and happily ever afters, he believes that in the end, the boy should always get the boy.

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