3.5 Stars for Finger Lickin’ Good by Shawn Bailey – #M/M Romance

Finger Lickin' Good

Title: Finger Lickin’ Good
Author Name: Shawn Bailey
Publication Date & Length: August 26, 2014 – 125pgs


Twenty-four year old Cajun-Frenchman Mikael lands a job at a popular French restaurant in New Orleans. The owner of the restaurant, Auguste Carrier is a big Frenchman with a bad temper and most of his employees are afraid of him.

Though Mikael is small in stature he wins the admiration of all the senior chefs at Chez Auguste when he prepares a pot of gumbo. The other employees are not stupid, even though they like Mikael they’ve also noticed how calm Auguste asks when Mikael is around. So they plot to get the two of them together. Mikael doesn’t want to be known as the boss’ boy-toy so he plans to win the man’s respect with his cooking.

Although he has noticed the confident young chef on the day he was hired, Auguste feels that maybe Mikael might be too young fill the shoes of a professional Sous Chef. The last one left him in a lurch and he doesn’t want that to happen again. But once he samples one bowl of Mikael’s delicious gumbo he realizes that he should not judge a book by its cover.

Mikael bears a striking resembles to Auguste’s dead lover Basil and Auguste wonders if he’s only attracted to him for just that reason. Should his stomach tell his mind what to do, or should he follow his heart?

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This was an interesting synopsis and a sexy cover that I thought had the potential for a great story.

Mikael gets a job in New Orleans working at Chez Auguste. It’s his dream job working for an extremely sexy, hulk of a man, Auguste.

Auguste spends all his time working on his restaurant since he lost his partner years prior. He vowed never to love again after the pain that his last love caused him.

I absolutely loved that there were intricate details about cooking and the process of working in a kitchen that you don’t get in a lot of books, even ones centered around a kitchen/restaurant. I liked that the speech was authentic and how it would be used in New Orleans (such as some French words mixed in with English)

I didn’t care for the lack of drama. There didn’t really seem any end point that we were striving for. It just was another day or week in their lives. While there was some hinted at with the ex lover and the matre d’ that didn’t like Mikael, but it was all so sweetly resolved and no confrontations or intense situations. Along with the medical issue that came into play late in the book with Mikael.

I also had issues with the terminology used in the love scenes. For example, ‘humping’ is a word I personally haven’t used in years as to me it is a children’s word.  ‘You make me go pop’ is also another phrase that sticks out in my mind as not quite working for a love scene.

Overall, I think there needed to either drop the love scenes or make them more sensual and sexual as that’s what the characters are supposed to be feeling and experiencing. Speaking of love, I couldn’t believe that the characters were so against being together, you know — the whole boss/staff member situation, yet they were expressing love for each other within a week. The time was easy to lose as it wasn’t always clear if it had been two hours or two days that had passed, which made things a bit more confusing for me.



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Shawn Bailey hails from New Orleans, LA, where she works as a programmer and help desk administrator. Shawn loves mangas and anime. Her current hobbies are watching Japanese and Korean dramas, when she has the spare time. She’s also trying to learn to speak and read both Japanese and Korean. She’s also into Korean pop music and can often be found with her MP3 player attached to her head. Shawn is single and enjoying the heck out it.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shawn.h.bailey

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